Fallout Conditions already akin to distant Nuclear War (US EPA Radnet, 4 months, various)

Southern Colorado, Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, 8200 feet elevation, 2nd floor, closed window, Medcom IA in vertical position, by glass:  @ 1:53am:  8hrs 19min = 28310 counts => 56.7 CPM  (completely normal for location)

Colorful distractions:

Meanwhile… REALITY…: Completely ignored by all media outlets:  radiation data, graphed for 3 or 4 months, shows widespread recent outages / data gaps, baseline shifts, spikes & down-dips, “strangely” like what I’d expect from distant nuclear war “fallout conditions“… (Even including detections in Europe of Cobalt-60, & upticks in Iodine-131 & Cesium-137,…)

  • Nicosia, Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean Sea), Cs-137 & I-131 upticks last few days:
Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_Cs137_I131_Aug12_2017 copy.jpg

Added: NOTE: the y-axis on the Nicosia monitor must be wrong, likely indicating a trace of E-06 or E-07 rather than full Bq’s.  (Compare to data from Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic on EURDEP’s Advanced map).  These are traces, indicative of an active fissioning source leaking, but with no immediate health concerns for the short term.  (Longer term effects of even small internal radiation from artificial radioactive particles are likely extremely underestimated, and remain a topic of much debate.)

Three Cobalt-60 measured traces validated, detected @ Kotka, Southern Finland in just 3 months (That many Co60 detections in 3 months is unprecedented in the entire EURDEP record), starting in mid-May:

Kotka_Finland_1mo_Co60_Cs137_July28_2017 copy 2

So obviously something MAJOR has happened  is happening.  Somewhere.

I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, though I suspect (with admitted “confirmation bias”, partially due to the possibility of ongoing criticalities @ F1 combined with Cobalt-60 being linked to Fukushima-Daiichi in particular) a further deterioration at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe site in Japan, though additional unreported nuclear incidents/accidents cannot be ruled out.   

The below data is in addition to (Aug. 11, 2017) US Air Force Dispatched To Monitor Radioactive Cloud Over Seattle?, I checked some more monitors early Sat. Aug 12, 2017 via @ https://www.epa.gov/radnet/near-real-time-and-laboratory-data-state  to further illustrate that ‘something’s up’ and it’s véry widespread, and has been building for weeks, even months (and years if you follow the bigger picture):

A selection of US EPA Radnet monitors:



—- —- —- —-

Compare to data from Europe in the previous few dozen blog posts.

—- —- —- —-

Added Aug 12, 2017:

NETC_Aug12_2017__11.13amMDT_ copy.jpg

  • An RT (controlled by Russian government, a big nuclear power pusher) report from July 2017, with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear [so likely partially de facto propaganda, staying clear of the darkest secret details: Don’t mention the detections of recent-fission-isotopes “no one knows” where they came from, and certainly do not delve into Plume Gate or the significance of high Cobalt-60 levels at Fukushima…]. Apart from “those details”, it’s “better than nothing”:

  • Below, one of the daily rants by Kevin Blanch [many of whose antics and allegations or claims I do not per vouch for. – See also my disclaimer: I link to stuff I do not per se agree with).  For instance, I do respect the work of people like Christopher Busby, while Kevin rants against him, like he does towards so may others as well.  But nevertheless I can still appreciate his raw YouTube “performance art” art form:

  • Here’s one from Chris Busby, whose words and especially tone/approach I generally resonate with more than Blanch’s:

From his website, also this, very accurate point:

The Internet is increasingly the focus of psychological operations, disinformation, misdirection and propaganda. This works. In some kind of Darwinian way what people believe becomes the result of a distillation based on interest, novelty or excitement rather than on facts. None of this is new, of course, but has now become an important part of a fight which is going on in the world about the true nature of exposure to uranium weapons, and also to ionising radiation from nuclear energy leaks and licensed releases.

—— ———- ——

And the beat goes on…

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