US Air Force Dispatched To Monitor Radioactive Cloud Over Seattle?

Added: Best background overview @ ZERO HEDGE (Aug. 5, 2017) @

Zero Hedge, like every other outlet, did not even mention what I thought of immediately: radiation monitoring at higher altitude where the bulk of radioactive clouds move.   Cutting right to it, the most recent (ground level) radiation data for Seattle (more data further below and in the next blog post) does indeed “strongly suggest” that something major is happening:

“Notice anything?” in this 4-month gamma radiation data graph:


NOTE:  US EPA RADNET’s total-gamma-radiation graphs are (since some time) presented on highly deceptive logarithmic y-axis scales, which visually/psychologically downplays upticks.

–> Clearly: Sure (and possibly related) there’s data gaps in May and June, but look at the onset of August 2017: that kind of ground level background radiation sustained uptick / baseline adjustment is véry unusual.

Colorado Rocky Mountains – August 11, 2017

nuclear_red_AlertDISCLAIMER:  This is a one-person non-credentialed outlet that does not claim authority on this topic.  All is offered for your consideration / infotainment / whatever only.   Check with ze “authorities” to be told that “All is well.  “Levels of Concern” have not been reached.  If in doubt, go to your imaginary safe space“…  or some version of the bullsh*t they spewed last time… 

I am merely connecting ‘two dots’,

with a question mark.

!-> DOT # 1   Partial screenshot:

“Nobody knows why…” ?   I have a pretty good guess, though…:

Dear Seattleites, it’s not a local thing.  Your area is just one of the areas for which surface radiation baselines were established awhile back, making sound assessments at least a possibility (the details of the former, and some screenshots of which, were included in my [long-outdated due to ongoing fallout events denied by you-know-who] blog post (May 1, 2012), Radiation Fallout Maps for the United States, but those Seattle radiation survey maps SOURCES (web links) were moved or hidden since).

While we’re all being distracted by intense-sounding rhetoric of colorful madmen in high positions of power on both sides of the Pacific…, radioactive clouds are circling the entire northern hemisphere, as documented on this blog like nowhere else.

Radioactive clouds tend to drift higher-up and take awhile to reach ground levels.   So to send up a plane to fly in circles at high altitude to take extended period air samples for analysis makes perfect sense.

!-> DOT # 2:   SOURCE (with its own disclaimers!) US EPA Radnet @  From the Pacific Northwest region and a little beyond (Seattle repeated from above):


Three from outside the region (many more examples in previous blog posts and check-able by going to the source yourself):


All is fine and dandy in New York CIty, NY as well [sarc.], where radiation levels “have vanished” to unknown depths…:


—- —- —- —- —-

Possibly related (???):

—- —- —- —- —-

Edited on Aug. 12, 2017

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