Lamia, Greece (EURDEP, a decade+: continued)

This is an extension to the (May 14, 2016) blog post, Rambling Along a Decade of Gamma Radiation Data from Lamia, Greece, which, beside being one of the better rants if I may say so myself, ended with this dramatic final 3-month graph:

Lamia_Greece_3mo_May15_2016repeat copy.jpg

Here’s the rest of the data, as checked on August 11, 2017 (end date on monthly graphs is the 15th, for seamless continuation of the 3-month composite graphs):

Lamia_Greece_3mo_Aug15_2016 copyLamia_Greece_3mo_Nov15_2016 copyLamia_Greece_3mo_Feb15_2017 copyLamia_Greece_3mo_May15_2017 copyLamia_Greece_3mo_Aug15_2017 copy

[Many detections (such as the widespread Iodine-131 detections in late winter 2017, and more recent Co60 detections @ Kotka, Finland, etc.), and subtle data processing shifts not pointed out.  (=Incomplete annotations, basically)  Scroll to the past year+ of blog posts for various related observations…]

Anyone’s guess what the graphs would actually show if they didn’t apply one data processing trick after another?  Is it too far fetched to suspect those attempt to hide what would otherwise all too clearly suggest a worsening fallout situation?   How cynical are these bureaucrats that they seem to think that ignorance is somehow helpful in this situation?  Are they even human?  It makes no freak’n sense.

Anyways…   Anyone figure out yet what happened last spring?  Or this year?  Same spewing out-of-control source?  Fukushima in China Syndrome overdrive?  What the hell is going on?    Mainstream media is awfully silent on these developments, have you noticed?  Are they going to stage a “limited nuclear war” in which they can nuke Fukushima-Daiichi to stop the fissioning ?  (Sorry, I know that’s out there, but they’re obviously not telling the truth, so just about anything lies within the realm of possibilities as to what is actually afoot…) 


Fallout conditions will remain in effect… for awhile…  until all 400+ nuclear fission reactors are shut down, work is halted immediately on the 60+ new ones under construction, the radioactive wastes are safely stored for the coming 100,000+ years (or somehow neutralized), and so-called sacrifice zones have been decontaminated.


Good luck to us all.

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