Couple EURDEPs (Aug. 11, 2017)


Colorado Rock Mountains – 38th parallel North, Crestone node, Aug. 11, 2017 

Each line a different monitor, each 3 months, y-axis adjusted to show more detail, no annotations, all via EURDEP (see Online Radiation Monitors for more).

Ulu_Telyak_Russia_3mo_Aug11_2017 copyAnkaraPolatli_Turkey_3mo_Aug11_2017 copyaHestre_Belgium_3mo_Aug11_2011 copyOlsztyn_Poland_3mo_Aug11_2011 copyRomny_Ukraine_3mo_AUg11_2017 copyKiskunfelegyhaza_Hungary_3mo_Aug11_2017 copyDrevsja_Norway_3mo_Aug11_2017 copyHallum_Sweden_3mo_Aug11_2017 copyZurich_Kloten_CH_3mo_Aug11_2017 copyLesVenieres_38_AGG_CP_France_3mo_AUg11_2017 copy

Above ones are gamma radiation.  Below is T-BETA-ART and T-ALPHA-ART:

JRC_Station&_Italy_TbetaArt_TalphaArt_3mo_Aug11_2017 copy

No additional comments. 

Check blog posts since March 2011 for clues why I may be doing this… ;-)

—— —– ——


FridayAug11_2017__10-15amMDT_cryptosSnapshotMarketCap_ copy


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