Balvi, Latvia (EURDEP, 18 months)

Still alive… – Aug. 10, 2017

It’s one of the more blatant radiation records that screams ‘manipulation’, likely by logarithms inside the EURDEP data processing.  This particular monitor is apparently eager to use what I call ‘baseline adustments’:

The first half year, starting May 10, 2016, presented twice, first to show more detail:

Balvi_Latvia_3mo_May10_2016b copy

–> For instance, with this higher resolution, you can see a very small down-dip on March 20th (day of the Brussels Bombing, which came with various odd radiation data there too).  Obviously something ‘nuclear’ was happening right around that time too.   After the upticks in late April (2016), the record gets more erratic, including a nice case of down-dips (one of several “data phenomena” I associate with fallout):

Balvi_Latvia_3mo_Aug10_2016b copy

Those just-shown 6 months again, to a y-axis that fits with the one that comes after:

Balvi_Latvia_3mo_May10_2016 copy.jpgBalvi_Latvia_3mo_Aug10_2016 copy

Looking at the next half year:

Balvi_Latvia_3mo_Nov10_2016 copyBalvi_Latvia_3mo_Feb10_2017 copy

Two major baseline adjustments, from late September till the very end of January 2017, including some data gaps in there.  The average value does not return to pre- “40 nSv/hr flatline“, but is shifted down:

Balvi_Latvia_baselineshifts2016_2017 copy

Did something happen at the end of September, related or not to what happened at Halden, Noway 2 weeks later?   I don’t know.  I just wonder.  Nothing about this has made the news.

And the last half year, with some data gaps, a mystery hump from mid-April to early May, and a spike just today::

Balvi_Latvia_3mo_May10_2017 copyBalvi_Latvia_3mo_Aug10_2017 copy

Even that spike the other moment is a set of baseline adjustments if you zoom in on the past two days:

ChartImg.axd copy

For what it’s worth, if anything…

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