Nothing To See Here, Move Along [a MIX, incl. some rad. data] copy

“Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.”

– Ecclesiastes 9:18

“Despite the vision and farseeing wisdom of our wartime heads of state, the physicists have felt the peculiarly intimate responsibility for suggesting, for supporting, and in the end, in large measure, for achieving the realization of atomic weapons. Nor can we forget that these weapons as they were in fact used dramatized so mercilessly the inhumanity and evil of modern war. In some sort of crude sense which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin; and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose.

– Robert Oppenheimer (Physics in the Contemporary World, Arthur D. Little Memorial Lecture at M.I.T., Nov. 25, 1947. copy

—— —— ——

  • A striking case of baseline adjustments: a record 5 steps in just 3 months on the staircase to radioactive hell @ Salaspils, Latvia:

Salaspils_Latvia_3mo_Aug9_2017 copy.jpg

Send ’em some love…


  • Oslo, Norway saw a minor spike, the highest in well over a year:

Oslo_Norway_3mo_Aug9_2017 copy

  • At nearby Sunne, Sweden, the overall rise in the past two months is quite visible here two:

Sunne_Sweden_3mo_Aug9_2017 copy

  • Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland (baseline adjustment, data gaps, upticks):

Qaqortoq_Greenland_3mo_Aug9_2017 copy

  • Geneva, Switzerland (baseline adjustment, upticks):

Geneva_CH_3mo_AUg9_2017 copy

  • Huelva, Spain (Sloth dots (in May), data gaps and a data gap flanked by lower and higher than normal values, followed by a baseline adjustment):

Huelva_SPain_3mo_Aug9_2017 copy Obviously something has been going down, and apparently it has to stay out of the mainstream news entirely.   For some Radnet & Radmon data, scroll down past my various other distractions…

—  IF shit hits the fan, ánd online radiation monitors remain functional and the internet continues to be accessible where I am, then I will likely do reports tracking additional radioactive clouds. —

  • The above LOVE image is from KA Designs, in some hilarious attempt at  “Questioning Boundaries” (  They actually pitched clothing with that image – haha:

Nice try, but I wouldn’t want to wear it, because I don’t find the design dignified and uplifted enough to incorporate a swastika.  It belongs more on temples than on hoodies.  Horizontal, though, the 45 degree angle DOES actually feel ‘off’ somehow.   Aside from the logos of Columbia (clothing) and CHASE (bank), there’s “a swastika cryptocurrency” too, by the way:

SwatikaCryptoCurrency copy

But anyhow, still funny.   Unless…, of course, unless you give your power of perceptive choice away to a bunch of apparent worshipers of “#hate”, those folks that see HATE in everything:  Ancient symbols, rainbows, the word ‘PEACE’  – all “HATE!”… Always so offended…, just freak’n pathetic: copy.jpg

You can find swastikas here and there on pre-1920s antique Navajo rugs too, such as the


example I shared a photo of in (Feb. 19, 2016) This Region is Só Beautiful… 

Even a couple of my own paintings have swastika-patterns incorporated in them, like the ‘The Call To End The Nuclear Era’from 2014.   Is that “anti-semitic” now somehow?  What’s up with up these narrow-minded cultural dictators?   The whole uproar is just stupid.  Out here in “peace, love & light – embracing” Southern Colorado, there’s even a  UN-loving spiritual center that flies a swastika flag…    Nice folks.

Anyways… Some of my best friends are of Jewish descend and don’t think anything of it either, apart from it being kinda silly.    Anyways…. copyCrestone, Southern Colorado — August 8-9, 2017

Little bit of music… (keeps the Luciferians happy too):

On a personal note…

At the end of June, my car stopped working (engine…  Eventually I had it towed to a junk yard) and so this past month and a half, I’ve gotten an appetizer to “system collapse” (a locals’ favorite thing to entertain) the ‘Lite Version’ (trucks still supply this gorgeous place).

I’m luckily only less than 4 miles out to the nearest stores in the tiny town of Crestone.  Doing all grocery shopping, laundry, etc. by bicycle since late June has underscored just how remotely we live.   We’re out here alright.    The múch bigger small towns of Alamosa and Salida have become a far away world, generally out of reach.  I find biking 30-40 minutes all-uphill in this thin 2.500 meter elevation air plenty of challenging.

Skipping past the details of losing my phone for several days (found and returned); flipping my bike, and other wtf-moments, Aug. 2nd I woke up with stinging-crazy elbow pain.  Mysterious.  Could be related to my bike fall couple weeks before.

When I woke up in pain, I was in the middle of a dream… at some hippie-like festival with healing booths, fire spinners, and so forth.  A group of people… “from Jerusalem”… nicely dressed, maybe 6 men and 3 women, all in their upper 20s or early 30s (?) were there.  I highly respected them (in the dream), recognized them, and was saddened / disappointed that no one in the crowd felt the same.  They were all in their own “self-made” little worlds…  – Then that excruciating elbow pain woke me up.

The first thing I thought of (apart from “Aw! aw! WTF!”, was this sorcery-like line in the Trump Inauguration…, spoken by Rabbi Marvin Hier: “If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill”

right.arm copy.jpg

I included that speech in the blog post (Jan. 21, 2017RED ALERT (pun intended) — US President Trump & Cohorts, Master Con-Artists of the New World Order Cabal,[…], with ponderings on B’nai B’rith and Trump being asked to help build “the Third Temple” in Jerusalem, and such (a ramble MIX without conclusions). copy

Now… I have certainly NOT “forgotten Jerusalem”, as that intention-to-remember only applies to those whose ancesters were banished to ancient Babylon way way back… (Although in that dream I thought very highly of Jerusalem’s mystery delegation…)   I don’t even know what “remembering Jerusalem” means.  Sounds like a Jewish thing (right?), and when included in the prayer for a nation and its new president… basically cast over AN ENTIRE NATION, it seems … well… kinda like ‘a spell’ on all non-jews actually… cursing the other 98% of the American population…  Since we (the 98%) can’t remember (because it’s not part of what we vowed to remember), we are by default thus cursed to “forget its skill”:   be dumbed-down serfs, slaves of what is increasingly appearing to be heading towards a full-on gloves-off satanic world order, in which schemes are carried out to establish lies as fact, keep people in confusion, intoxicated, distracted,…

Very strange waking up with those things flashing through my mind…



Anyhow…the elbow swelled immensely, became red, inflamed, became excruciatingly painful, the redness spread…  and fever got bad,…   Because I’m practically never sick, I had nothing to take care of myself, not even a thermometer to find out how high the fever went.   I called a friend to bring me some ibuprofen, which made coping possible.

A doctor (friend)  looked at it online and urged me (in no uncertain terms) to have it taken care of immediately.  A bad case of Elbow Bursitis, having turned Septic Bursitis,  can turn deadly when/if the bacteria get into the blood stream.    So, given it was Sunday, I got to see how nice an Emergency Room (ER) at new Heart of the Rockies Regional Hospital is in Salida (scored a ride with another friend) – an hour drive to the north.

A very neat other world:


All-around great staff, smooth professional experience.  So with a syringe they sucked blood and bacteria-infested swelling liquid out. The rest should be taken care of by antibiotics.  (I suppose my aim to stay “pharmaceuticals-free” (since 2001) has hereby been interrupted…)    With the swelling pressure reduced, it felt better right away.   And now, it’s 10 days of antibiotics and hoping all will heal well.

Psychologically it’s another matter…  Construction work had already slowed down significantly due to not having a car, and now it’s simply impossible to do anything strenuous… ;-/    I’m leaving out some details, but it’s been ‘one thing after another’, all boiling down to slowing down, or now making impossible, carrying out the plans I had for this summer.

As “my right arm” has been incapacitated…

…construction work has come to a stand-still.

So now I’m wondering, “Now what?”, kinda as if “the universe” is forcing me to re-evaluate where I put my focus, my priorities…

This guy’s pretty clear on what he wants…:

So… perhaps I should take “the invisible world” a little bit more seriously again, especially when digging into terrain known to be full of well-guarded secrets…

And I could ramble on, but…

I’m just laying on my bed, staring at the clouds…   no answers…

…a rainbow appears:


That rainbow turned out really nice again:


Hope the ADL doesn’t object…

Perhaps I need to shift focus AWAY from a series of things…

For instance,  I sill swing by old dusty places online that have long proven to be rigged sick jokes…  WHY?   My point’s been made.  Habit perhaps…

Alright…  For habit’s sake:   The US EPA @ with a message this time:

Aug8_2017_Screenshot_USEPAradnet copy

Sure they are…   Like anything they say can still be believed since Plume Gate….

Some technocrats with their heads in the sand, or dollar signs in their eyes, are still pushing for more of the same, but the game’s pretty much over.   It’s escalating radiation leaks from here on forward.  Just like in Europe, on some monitors you can just see it over the months.  4 steps on the staircase to hell @ Corvallis, Oregon:


Note: deceptive logarithmic scale!

Others are clearer with a couple lines added…



But in any case, looks like the overall trend continues: more spikes, baseline shifts, spikes & dips, lots of data gaps…  leaving what is pretty much useless data sets“For our entertainment”…


It’s pretty much the same everywhere.  The few times I wonder into the “independent” monitoring scene, it further confirms the approaching reality…

Here’s a few via, showing Quarterly Graphs (always update ’em! Some odd lag-glitch otherwise), so:   3 months:

  • A major spike at the end of May 2017,  possible minor baseline shift in mid-June, major down-dip on July 22nd  @ Portland, Oregon:

Radmon_ 3 months _ monitor stewpdx Last reading- 60 CPM on 2017-08-08 23-39-13UTC at Portland, Oregon, USA copy

  • A crazy baseline shift in mid-June 2017, and a recent data gap at the onset of August 2017, @ Bangkok, Thailand:

Radmon_ 3 months _ monitor kontiddin Last reading- 22 CPM on 2017-08-08 23-43-59UTC at Bangkok, Thailand copy

  • Annotation in black added.  Looks like some kind of baseline shift at the onset of June 2017, and more extreme down-dips since early July, @ Eilat, Israel:

Radmon_ 3 months _ monitor dolphin Last reading- 210 CPM on 2017-08-09 00-03-00UTC at Eilat, Israel copy

  • From spikes in May to a normal-seeming pattern, and then mostly data gaps after June 2017 @ Røyken, Norway:

Radmon_ 3 months _ octy Last reading- 26 CPM on 2017-08-09 00-19-36UTC at Røyken, Norway copy.jpg

  • Down-dips since early June, including some zero values (early June and onset August 2017), @ Sofia, Bulgaria:

Radmon_ 3 months _ Sinanitsa Last reading- 83.2 CPM on 2017-08-09 00-16-12UTC at Sofia, Bulgaria copy.jpg

  • And off-the-charts spike (so high it made all normal data disappear) on June 23rd, 2017, @ Kristiansand, Norway:

Radmon_ 3 months _ lp Last reading- 32 CPM on 2017-08-09 00-21-44UTC at Kristiansand, Norway copy.jpg

  • A seemingly upward trend?  @ Moscow, Russia:

Radmon_ 3 months _ Rusnet Last reading- 9 CPM on 2017-08-09 00-24-25UTC at Moscow, Russia copy.jpg

Anyways… If you paid attention, you’ve long gotten ‘some clues’ already too.

– — — —- —— —- — — –

The rainbow was eventually followed by another beautiful sunset after a series of rainstorms drenches this high desert some more…


  • Finally a guy who points out the obvious: the Schumann Resonance frequencies are NOT increasing in frequency but rather in Amplitude:

Why that may be… may have nothing to do with “awakening”, but COULD have something to do with the conductivity of air increasing, which would lead to more lightning activity.

Wouldn’t that be ironic: New Agers getting all excited about “the frequency of the Earth is rising! ;-)” [which isn’t even true, see above video; but anyhow: striking amplitude spikes indeed], all the while they may just be celebrating the Earth being turned further into a sparking radioactive mess…

On the other hand, it could be a feedback loop for planetary healing:  I see little evidence in human behavior lately, but IF a stronger resonance amplitude were to help in getting people more in touch with nature, help people ‘awaken’, perhaps some could feel called to try to stop what is interfering with the biosphere’s health… (?).   In any case, interesting that the amplitude spike roughly correlate with apparent radioactive clouds doing the rounds.   Starting around 2014 and increasing particularly this year.  Fits.

We’ll eventually clean it all up, though…

Went on a little hike before that elbow ordeal started a week ago, view from the Sangre de Cristo wilderness (national forest) over the vast San Luis Valley:


It’s getting crowded here…  (It’s all relative).   Zoomed-in on a part of the Baca subdivision outside of Crestone:


Locals might recognize one of the Buddhist temples, as well as some homes.

Couple more random videos:

Hasta la vista, amigos!

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2 Responses to Nothing To See Here, Move Along [a MIX, incl. some rad. data]

  1. PF says:

    A thought on “connecting the dots”: Look at this monitor: , then look at the wheather in that area: To me, it seems that when it is getting hot and hotter, there is a small increase in the base radiation level. Then, when the thunderstorms rain out, the Radon-washout can be observed.
    The big question is: What is a natural, wheather induced change of activity, and what is fallout of artificial nucleides? Those guys ask the same question, for different reasons: R. J. Livesay, C. S. Blessinger, T. F. Guzzardo, P. A. Hausladen, “Rain-Induced Increase in Background Radiation Detected by Radiation Portal Monitors”. Based on this, the following experiment would be interesting: Whenever it rains, take a sample and monitor its decay pattern. If it matches with the model in the paper, it should be Radon. If it is not Radon alone, it is expected that the decay pattern does not match the model. What do you think?

  2. MVB says:

    True: when it is getting hot and hotter, there is a small increase in the base radiation level, due to mostly natural stuff accumulating upward from the surface where the monitors are. Rain brings most down (hence the spiking), and then the gradual rise starts up again.

    Radon rainouts are definitely the main driver of the gamma spikes.

    – Couple things: On many monitors, when looked over multiple years, the spikes are getting higher, while the amount of radon produced in rocks/soils is pretty much constant;
    – Radon (Rn220 & Rn-222 mainly) & progeny (Bismuth & Lead 210/212/214, etc.) decay so quickly (within 24 most is decayed to stable), they “drown out” the signal of slower decaying radioisotopes, in the sense that they raise the MDCs (minimum Detectable Concentration) for other radioisotopes.
    – Some Radon-220 is clearly an “enhanced natural” (example in recent Nicosia record added at end @ )

    So you could have a rainout that’s mostly natural, but with some fallout, and you may not be able to tell, as a good part of the fallout is also radon. From a concealment objective, the existing gamma monitoring networks are almost fool-proof.
    I’ve measured rain that was over 10 µSv/hr, which upon lab analysis turned out to be almost all radon rainout (learned a lot from these, nuances added: @ )

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