Knesselare, Belgium (EURDEP, 2 yrs)

Aug. 5, 2017

  • Knesselare, Belgium, 24 months, with comments under the 3-month graphs:


Knesselare_Belgium_3mo_Nov5_2015 copyKnesselare_Belgium_3mo_Feb5_2016 copy–> See that baseline shift from New Year’s to mid-January 2016?  At the end of that period here, Ruthenium-103 was detected in Southern Norway:


See (Feb 14, 2016) Ruthenium-103 Detected in Norway (in mid-Jan. 2016)  With a half-life of only 39.26 days, 103Ru is generally only detected right after a meltdown. It was never explained.  Nothing about it made the news.

Knesselare_Belgium_3mo_May5_2016 copy

–> Disturbances were widespread in February.  France even shut down its monitors in the Southern Hemisphere.  (April 23, 2016France Turned Off Both Its Public Radiation Monitors in the Southern Hemisphere (EURDEP, Feb. 2016)…  It was never explained.  Nothing about it made the news.

By early March the largest concentration of Cesium-137 since Chernobyl (1986) was measured in Helsinki.  It was explained away, very unsatisfactorily, with a local waste leak, something I’ve been skeptical of ever since, as touched on many articles, starting with (Mar. 9, 2016) Helsinki Cesium-137 Mystery solved, But Greater Mystery of widespread Radiation upticks Remains…  As you can see a disturbance was visible here as well (not downwind).

March 20th, the Brussels Bombings coincided with rather strange unprecedented nuclear measures, including many monitors being turned off.   Thát odd detail was never explained.  While the shocking bombings were all over the news, nothing about the nuclear monitoring weirdness made the news.  (See various articles, such as (Sept. 9, 2016) Odd Data Gaps in the Belgian Radiation Data on the Day of the Brussels Bombings (March 22, 2016), (March 18, 2017) Silhouettes on a Foggy Coast…, as well as the ‘classic’ half-fictionalized (Oct. 26, 2016) A Mix of Fact & Fiction: EURDEP graphed radiation data, Daesh, the Brussels Bombings, LDH, ETC., and others.  At this location we see a zero value shortly after.

And then there’s that data gap, right as disturbances can be found across Europe and the damning validated measurement in Northern Germany: (April 26, 2016) TELLURIUM-132 Detected in Northern Germany!)   The concentration was the highest in the EURDEP records, 10,000 % higher than Te-132 measurements after Fukushima in 2011.  Major incident or accident in Europe?  It was never explained.  Nothing about it even made the news.

Other clues that something major was going down occurred around that time and in the following month as well.  For a flashback to some highlight of that mystery nuclear incident/accident see (July 22, 2016) “Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???” and the links listed in (June 4, 2016) Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning! and dozens of others during and after this period.  At Knesselare, it was a data gap (of the assumed theme: “Nothing to see; must be bad...”)  The data gaps were widespread across both Europe and the USA.  Nothing about them was explained.  They did not make the news.

Knesselare_Belgium_3mo_Aug5_2016 copy

–> The disturbances in May-June 2016 were most likely related with the spring 2016 weirdness (or “April Event” as I used to call it), with some of the whiffs known to contain measurable traces of Cobalt-60:  (May 23, 2016Cobalt-60 Detected in Southern Norway (2 Locations, May 2016!)  Guess what?  It was never explained.  Nothing about those detections made the news.

Knesselare_Belgium_3mo_Nov5_2016 copy.jpg

Then, by October 2016, the cover-up of the severity of the accident/incident @ the Halden’s experimental nuclear reactor in Southern Norway kicked into high gear.   See, for example, (Apr. 12, 2016It took the IAEA over 4 months to post this Halden Report (a Ramble MIX, with lots more EURDEP graphed radiation data)

Knesselare_Belgium_3mo_Feb5_2017 copyKnesselare_Belgium_3mo_May5_2017 copy

The slight disturbances in late winter could be related to the widespread Iodine-131 detections, which did make the news, but were never traced to a source, and the whole thing got shoved away quickly as if nothing serious had happened.  I doubt it was merely from a suspected (but completely unsubstantiated) pharmaceutical leak in Hungary: (March 3, 2017), Snippets of Hungarian data, EURDEP, 15 months; And I don’t think it was “isolated” for just that time period:  (March 20, 2017Iodine-131 Detections @ CERN, Switzerland show “something’s up” for the last 3 years… What could it be…?

Knesselare_Belgium_3mo_Aug5_2017 copy

–> The upticks in mid-May 2017 might be related to the detections much further away here as well.  See (May 20, 2017) BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017)

The latest zero-value?  More of the same, I guess…

Unless something changes radically in the media and scientific establishments, nothing will change.  On and on this will go.  Most unusual detections will go unexplained.  Most will never make the news.  Folks like Putin, Abe and EU top politicians, will keep pushing for more “carbon-neutral  nuclear reactors”, often “to combat climate change”, all the while nuclear emissions, such as of Krypton-95 and others, may only be making things worse…

Once you realize the nuclear experts may be believing their own lies (that it’s safe and dandy and there’s no reason for concern, ever) and are practically immune to challenges, something the nuclear establishment shares with various other scientific branches (medical, climatology, views on gravity, etc.), there aren’t many things to do with that realization.   A blog that mixes radiation data with some nature photos, music and an often unrelated bunch of other videos is just about as effective as an environmental non-profit lobby/media group with tens of thousands of members, it seems:   They’re still building more nuclear reactors, that all leak some isotopes, and all create waste that require safe storage for hundreds, thousands of hundreds of thousands of years (which in reality means that more and more  artificial radioisotopes will make it into the open biosphere, to mix with food, water and air.   It so completely predictable that the fact they keep going in the same direction, especially after more than half a century, makes it looks like it’s intentional.

—- —- —-

Anyhow…  back to entertainment, I suppose…

 Another video (compilation on AI, surveillance & automation):

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