Couple EURDEPs (3×3 + rant)

But of wretched mortals he [Zeus] took no notice, desiring to bring the whole race to an end and create a new one in its place. Against this purpose none dared make stand except me–I only had the courage; I saved mortals so that they did not descend, blasted utterly, to the house of Haides.

Aeschylus, in Prometheus Bound (228 – 258)

Aug. 1, 2017

  • The data gap flanked by lower values @ Vnajnarje, Slovenia has been followed up by a +72,000 µSv/hr “glitch dot” (a (usually unvalidated) extremely high isolated value):

Vnajnarje_Slovenia_3mo_Aug1_2017 copy 2

  • Way further south the gamma radiation monitor at Serrai, Greece, has been showing more lively daily swings and just recently saw a disturbance and a data gap followed by a relatively significant uptick:

Serrai_Greece_3mo_Aug1_2017 copy

  • The monitor at Salaspils, Latvia has joined in drawing a “staircase to hell” (subsequent upward baseline adjustments; See two other examples shared in: (July 21, 2017) Staircases to Hell).      Off we go…, [in an “up is down” kinda way] …  “to the house of Haides…”:

Salaspils_Latvia_3mo_Aug1_2017 copy

And… what does this mean, these rising radiation levels, these seemingly ever more frequent (while ever less frequent sampling!)  detections of radioIodine, neutron-activation products like Cobalt-60 (much more associated with nuclear bomb fallout than regular nuclear accidents), whiffs of radioCesiums, strange mixtures of artificial radioisotopes no one seems able to figure out where they originated?  All these data gaps…  Waves upon waves of apparent radioactive clouds that slowly make their way to ground level…   Baseline adjustments.  Weird data with dose rate values within dose rate bands (ninja dots, sloth dots, zero values, negative dose & activity rates,…)  “What the hell?!”   What does it mean?

You didn’t get the memo?  Nothing means anything anymore.  

Me neither, actually.  (Didn’t get that memo.)   It means that the nuclear cabal, that hard-to-pinpoint alliance of globally active secret societies whose members, salivating after some esoteric paradise, embraced nuclear power as part of their occult pipe dream.  Basically, they aim for equal footing with the gods.  I suppose they didn’t realize their divined answers, abstract calculations and ultimate machinations were tricks steered by alien forces, devoid of humanity, emotion, compassion or even ability for genuine relating.  How could they be that reckless?  ‘Cause they’re basically psychopaths.

Over 400 giant melt-down capable nuclear reactors, many with spent fuel pools stacked to capacity, near large population centra, with no place to safely store the wastes for the next 1,000 to 100,000+ years in most countries…    You seriously think that’s a mere oversight?  


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