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US EPA Radnet Monitors “Near” South Texas Nuclear Generating Station + Radiation Graphs from the smokey Pacific Northwest

Colorado  Rocky Mountains – August 29, 2017 There are no public monitors near the nuclear power station, STNP, said to be in danger of extreme flooding, as relayed by (news aggregator /  fearmonger-style tabloidesque distraction provider / troll den / … Continue reading

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The Thyroid Cancer “Hockey Stick”

Surely must have something to do with Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming, for which more nuclear power plants are surely the best solution…  [Sarc.] Cancer rates, at least according to SEER ( @ ), which is geographically limited and also … Continue reading

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Swung By SMC on my way back, etc. (a MIX + Eurdep/Radnet)

Buena Vista (which does have a nice view), Colorado – August 24, 2017 Couple EURDEPs pulled on Aug 25th to start: A lovely Non-Validated ‘glitch dot’ of 18 million nanoSievert/hour (18,000 µSv/hr) at the subtropical Black Sea coastal port of … Continue reading

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Simply Totally Awesome Solar Eclipse

Earth – August 22, 2017 Sometime after midnight this past weekend I decided to head north all the way to Casper, Wyoming to be in the path of totality during Monday August 21st’ Total Solar Eclipse.  Nite time traffic was … Continue reading

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Couple EURDEPs (Belgium 3×3) + Addition made to recent Seattle blogpost

August 19, 2017 PS:  I made an addition to the blogpost, (Aug. 12, 2017) Quick look at wind over Pacific (F1 -> Seattle ?), re. the  Pacific Northwest’s radiation uptick: something on the forest fire smoke & ozone levels spiking.   Smoke and … Continue reading

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Cobalt-60 Detected in France

Colorado Rocky Mountains – August 16, 2017 Hat tipped to an observer in the UK: “Traces of radioactive material have been unearthed by construction workers at the Flamanville nuclear site – less than 30 miles from Jersey’s coast. The … Continue reading

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“Couple EURDEPs”

Onset of August 16, 2017 (Scheduled Grid Power outage…) Source used: EURDEP: Data pulled: Colorado, evening Aug. 15, 2017 Detail-oriented scrutinizers might see some interesting peculiarities in these… ——— ————— ———

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