Blond Black Bear sighting

Saw ‘some animal’ from my upstairs desk.  Couldn’t quite see it through the foliage.  First I wondered if it was a long-haired dog.  Grabbed my camera, ran down and out, and quietly moved to within 20 feet of the bush it was behind…

…and managed to capture the moment the young black bear, with a strikingly blond back fur, saw me:


He/she was startled (I was right in front of it) and ran off so fast that I was unable to take another photo.  You can see the blond fur somewhat through the bush.    (79% of black bears are brown or blond. See North American Bear Center for more.)


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3 Responses to Blond Black Bear sighting

  1. I see ‘humans’ are not listed under the Foraging and Foods section for black bears – not that I would even sneak up on one or hang around it long enough to find out. I am duly impressed that you got that close and took such a good picture of it before it ran off.

    • MVB says:

      If it were a big mama bear with cubs, I’d stay as far away as I could, but a young exploring bear… Ah ;-)
      In this area all the bears are ‘black bears’, which tend to be skittish and not anywhere as dangerous as brown or grizzly bears.

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