Upcoming ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ Being Associated with Prophesy (Video)

SolarEclipse_AUgust21_2017 copy.jpg

Though not complete, it will still be spectacular in Colorado as well.

Little music first:

Sangre de Cristo fault line, Southern ColoradoJuly 30, 2017

Screenshot from the below video, combining FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Earthquake Damage map with the path of solar eclipse totality superimposed on it:

https-:www.youtube.com:watch?v=-ZvIibUAY2o copy

!->  Below VIDEO: It’s a fairly comprehensive overview of much of the Biblical hype doing the rounds lately, starts a bit slowly (and goes on for almost an hour), but I found it worth it to better understand where those who believe in that are coming from, eloquently worded by ‘watchman’ Steve Cioccolanti:

—– —– —– —– —–

Map below via SOTT: (March 17, 2011) “Little-known U.S. Fault Lines Cause For Seismic Concern About Potential Earthquakes: Quake in the Midwest Would Have Catastrophic Consequences“, (in which I would live quite close to the beach! ;-D


—– —– —– —– —–

On a side-note, I disagree on Mr. Cioccolanti positive sentiments regarding Trump.  If anything, I’m still unclear what to make of the new shit show (apart from that it is a shit show and one that appears to set the stage for a pendulum swing the very other way…), though I lean towards simply ‘highly skeptical’ (of Trump’s facade of integrity) simply because a righteous man does not “like war“, consider the use of indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction (such as nuclear) an option, nor would he sell massive amounts of weaponry to terrorism-supporting nations, nor deploy manipulations and deceptions to sway public opinion, and so forth.   There’s NO WAY you can become President of the US in this degenerate age and not be a corrupt player yourself.  (And Trump’s connection to the Russian mob allegedly go back to 1983.  That’s long before the Berlin Wall came down.  Think about that one after you watch some more Perestroika Deception documentaries… [some included in the below 3 links])  He’s just the perfect conman for a horribly misguided planned world order shift, which includes mass-depopulation, arrested development, as well as the promoting of a New Age-like religious movement.

I think the deception, pushed through a non-questioning mainstream ‘fake news’ media and cunning facades of popularized “alternative media” outlets, which is being pulled off (very smoothly so far, it seems) goes múch further, for reasons touched upon in these posts rambles like,

Most of the “Biblical” prediction-ponderings out there seem more connected with September 23, 2017 date, for which the eclipse would just be a precursor (to the 7-year period till the next full US solar eclipse), and most of those videos are even more ‘mixed bags’.  Click through on the above one for YouTube suggestions, if you want to watch more.)  Here’s one of those:

Or another one from pastor Steve Cioccolanti:

One astrological perspective (of many), including about the Solar Eclipse:

VARIOUS extra videos

I’m sorry if this is off-putting.  Actually I’m not sorry at all, I find this stuff highly entertaining.  ;-)  Couple more, not per se related:

A history series offering a different angle than what I grew up with:

And the beat goes on…

Happy Solar Eclipse in August!

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