Patra, Greece (EURDEP, 9 months) [+…]


Lots of lovely rain lately.  Rainbow @ coming home from a mini-hike just before sunset.  Checked the radioactivity of the rain with my Medcom geiger counter (background @ 8200 ft altitude here fluctuates in the 0.140 to 0.240 µSv/hr in vertical position; rain-soaked clothes added less than 0.100µSv/hr, much less than what can occur naturally in the Uranium- & Thorium-containing rocky mountains.  Unlike 2 years ago, nothing special to report at this time.  Enjoying life.

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Online Radiation Monitors:  EURDEPJuly 30, 2017

  • Patra, Greece, 9 months:

Patra_Greece_3mo_Jan30_2017 copyPatra_Greece_3mo_April30_2017 copyPatra_Greece3mo_July30_2017 copy

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