Couple EURDEPs (July 25, 2017 – Various)

Colorado Rocky Mountains – July 26, 2017 (data pulled 24th or late 25th)

“Three months till winter…”  :-)


All public SOURCES I use listed on these pages:

Online Radiation Monitors -☢- Radiation Units & Conversions -☢-  Nuclear News links

(Some overlap/repetition from previous data blogposts.  In no particular order:)

  • Four monitors in the UK that stood out this past week:

Aberporth_UK_3mo_July27_2017 copyLeeming_UK_3mo_July25_2017 copyOdiham_UK_3mo_July25_2017 copySquiresGate_Blackpool_UK_3mo_July25_2017 copy

Huelva, Spain is a monitor that has ninja-dot-like data phenomenon (See May 2, 2017The “Ninja Dot” – Reading Between The Lines: a EURDEP gamma graph detail), where, in this case, there seems to be a subset of data dangling from the bottom line of the layered predominant data values.   Perhaps I should come up with another name for that one, as it is definitely different from the ninja dots that hide between two lines (as more commonly seen on UK monitors – see some above). Below: Sloth dots?  ;-)  Got a whole branch full of ’em here; notice how low one swung the other day:

Huelva_Spain_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Saw a zero value at Zaventem, Belgium (home of the Brussels Airport) on the 24th…


But so it goes in radiation data land, the next day that part was omitted:

Zaventem_Belgie_3mo_July25_2017 copy

Data gap in Zaventem, shortly after another zero-value @ La Hestre, however:

LaHestre_LaBelgique_3mo_July25_2017 copy

No idea if that’s a calibration or a “glitch dot” pair / spike @ Muehlheim-Kaerlich, Germany:


Another fairly randomly picked German monitor: lower-than-usual values around May 15th and a data gap amidst disturbances in mid-July:

Oberhof_Germany_3mo_July25_2017 copy

All these, below, were pulled on July 25th, 2017:

Vnajnarje_Slovenia_3mo_July25_2017 copy

The other one, @ Ljubljana-Vic had a 1.7µSv/hr spike at the end of Vnajnarje’s data gap:

Ljubljana_Vic_Slovenia_3mo_July25_2017 copy

I picked another randomly nearby: @ Ljubljana-Brinje-Ijs:

Ljubljana_Brinje_Ijs_Slovenia_3mo_July25_2017 copy

Two in Croatia:

Sisak_Croatia_3mo_July25_2017 copyVarazdin_Croatia_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Kladovo, Serbia, 6 months:

Kladovo_Serbia_3mo_April25_2017 copyKladovo_Serbia_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Novi Sad, Serbia, 3 months:

NoviSad_Serbia_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Two in Bulgaria (which is in “data gap mode” (or delayed data publication) since July 21st, at time of checking):

RojenPeak_Bulgaria_3mo_July25_2017 copySofia_Bulgaria_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Italy remains a land of data gaps…:

Latina1_Italy_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Kirikkale, Turkey once more:

Kirikkale_Turkey_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Cesium-137 @ Sodankyla, Finland:

Sodankyla_Finland_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • Cs-137 and Iodine-131 @ Nicosia, Cyprus:

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_July25_2017 copy

Odesa_Ukraine_3mo_July25_2017 copy

  • And last but not least, Kefalonia, Greece:  a month after the +7µSv/hr spike:  Look “how pretty”… It’s snowing happy glowing particles! “;-)”  which magically stop at 10 nSv/hr…

Kefalonia-Greece_3mo_July25_2017 copy

That’s it again.

For your left ear:

I have no idea why I do this… 

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