3 months in Turkey (EURDEP, 9 monitors)

Colorado Rocky Mountains – July 22, 2017

Turkey copy

Includes area currently occupied by Turkey.

Shown below are 3-month graphs for those [non-yellow] Turkish monitors that showed a ‘Standard Deviation’ (1 or more) on EURDEP (See Online Radiation Monitors) during the past month.

In no particular order:

KarsDigor_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyKutahya_tavsanli_Tuncbilek_TS_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyAydinKusadasi_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyYozgatAkdagmadeni_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyIzmir)Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copySamsun_Turkey_3mo-July22_2017 copyKirikkale_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyAnkaraCankaya_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyBursa_OrhaneliTS_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copy

—— ——- ——


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One Response to 3 months in Turkey (EURDEP, 9 monitors)

  1. PF says:

    More Standard Deviation: Eurdep Measurements: Std Deviation of 2 days since 1.1.2017 https://youtu.be/emvBGguRcjk

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