Couple EURDEPs, Couple Papers on Lightnings & Fallout

In addition to the couple blogposts from yesterday, here’s 3 more from the low lands, as another lightning show moved over the region…

SintJanInEremo_Belgium_3mo_July19_2017 copyGulpen_Netherlands_3mo_July19_2017 copyOostende_Belgie_3mo_July19_2017 copy

–> those lower-than-usual values, like just last week @ Oostende, Belgium, I’ve come to associate with fallout as much as unusual spikes, etc. as well. In yesterday’s Couple EURDEPs (w/ Cyprus I-131/Cs-137 data gap & spike)the most significant measurements were those of upticks in Iodine-131 and Cesium-137, following a data gap, @ Nicosia, Cyprus:

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_I131_Cs137_July18_2017 copy


Anyhow… speaking of thunderstorms, so far a lovely monsoon season here in Colorado, with tons of rainfall and sparks.  Past 24 hours North America:


LightningToGround_24hrs_July19_2017_2300pmMT copy.jpg
–>  Ground strikes can be followed @ copy copy

That’s it for today.

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2 Responses to Couple EURDEPs, Couple Papers on Lightnings & Fallout

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