Couple EURDEPs (w/ Cyprus I-131/Cs-137 data gap & spike)

Just data, via EURDEP @ Online Radiation Monitors

Note the last week on this first 3-months graph-composite (Nicosia, Cyprus, I-131 & Cs-137), which strongly suggests that the weirdness in gamma monitoring land (more examples further below) is due, as suspected, to yet another widespread wave of radioactive fallout of manmade origins, from a fissioning source:

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_I131_Cs137_July18_2017 copy

If it were just a quasi-localized spike in Cesium-137, it would have had a chance to make the news, as then they can point at stored waste leaks, resuspension by forest fires, etc.  If it were “just Iodine-131”, they can play the “must be pharmaceutical” card.  If, however, they come in a group of those two or more radioisotopes, the media silence is generally deafening.  Most recent example of such silence was the mystery whiff  (Ru-103, Co-60, Nb-95, Cs-137&134,…) detected in mid-May (2017) in Southern Finland, about which not a word was heard outside this blog… Anyone’s guess what’s been hidden this past week by the data gap which preceded the uptick in both Iodine-131 and Cesium-137, (and likely others not tested for at that monitoring location…).

The data gap in T-GAMMA (bottom blue) is shorter than omitted period for T-BETA-ART (top black):

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_tBETAart_Tgamma_July18_2017 copy 2

Added: I-131, Cs-134 & Cs-137 @ Plzeo-Klatovska, Czech Republic, showing a fission whiff the week of June 18th (when brief data gaps occurred @ Nicosia’s monitor):


(h/t: F.o.t.h.)

All the other 3-month graphs, below, are just gamma radiation data, ending today on July 18, 2017 (or early July 19 in Europe) showing T-GAMMA (y-axis adjusted to show more detail), all via EURDEP:

A selection for your own discernment:

Gagarin_RussianFederation_3mo_July18_2017 copyOdiham_UK_3mo_July18_2017 copyVnajnarje_Slovenia_3mo_July18_2017 copyBrnik_Slovenia_3mo_July18_2017 copyObergurgl_Austria_3mo_July18_2017 copyTalayuela_Spain_3mo_July18_2017 copyHalsteren_Nederland_3mo_July18_2017 copyDomodossola_Italy_3mo_July18_2017 copyVolos_Greece_3mo_July18_2017 copySivas_Kangal_TS__Turkey_3mo_July18_2017 copy49.4N6.2E_France_3plusMO_July18_2017 copyIlsfeld_Germany_3mo_July18_2017 copyTHorneyIsland_UK)3mo_July18_2017 copyGlarusSMN_CH_3mo_July18_2017 copy

Interesting to see a significant data gap in Southern Greenland, following an apparent baseline shift the week before:

Qaqortoq_Greenland_3mo_July18_2017 copy

Just off the coast of Eastern Canada (new French monitor):

Miquelon_OffCanadianCoast_France_3mo_July18_2017 copy

For what it’s worth, if anything…

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3 Responses to Couple EURDEPs (w/ Cyprus I-131/Cs-137 data gap & spike)

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  3. pure water says:

    Thank you! USEFUL INFORMATION, unlike MSM vain speech about events and people with no significant role in the individual wellbeing!

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