Couple EURDEPs

First very-much-needed rain in awhile :-) July 5, 2017


July6_2017_firstMonsoon_7pmscreenshot copy

A thunderstorm brought awesomeness (map shows lightning strikes) and much-needed rain to the the Sangre de Cristo range by Crestone (Southern Colorado)

Via EURDEP, T-Gamma radiation data, 3 months per monitor:

  • Vidin, Bulgaria:

Vidin_Bulgaria_3mo_July5_2017 copy

  • Giurgiu, Romania:

Giurgiu_Romania_3mo_July5_2017 copy

The maroon dot in Romania…

EURDEP_tgamma_standardDev_July6_2017_713pm_MT copy

…showed a non-validated “glitch dot” (isolated extreme value):

Kladovo_Serbia_3mo_July6_2017 copy

(Also note the disturbance with lower-than-normal dot around May 11th.)

Details:  the isolated value reached a whopping + 10,000 µSv/hr:

RS0008_KLADOVO_Serbia copy

NV = non-validated

I’ve speculated in the past that this might be due to a “hot particle” of fallout, moving much higher up (possibly coming from far away), falling down through the air layers and directly striking a monitor.  See “The Dose Deception – Why 0.20 µSv/hr (from fallout) can be far more dangerous than 2.00 µSv/hr (from cosmic rays). The inverse square law for ionizing radiation illustrated.” for why just one tiny particle getting stuck on a sensor just long enough could cause such an extreme value.  If that is the case, we might be seeing more (lighter) fallout reaching ground level monitors this summer…

In this case, again, using Nullschool for wind patterns, it looks like it could have been jet-stream delivered, and I could repeat myself about where it may have originated, but I’m not going to…,45.91,1116:loc=22.600,44.600 copy

Note the outline of Europe faintly in the background

You can follow wind lines and make some guesses too…,84.30,279:loc=22.600,44.600 copy

North Pole view (ish)

For what it’s worth, if anything…

——– ——— ——–

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One Response to Couple EURDEPs

  1. PF says:

    Look at this: Radiation-ClipArt:

    Just a thought on your question as to why “noone” is reading / reacting: People are busy busy busy with their lives, and conditioned from early on to do so. Time to reflect is nowadays considered wasted (unless you pay for it during a Seminar, which keeps you busy organizing it). The “one i-gadget to rule them all” thingy everyone keeps staring at (thereby, lowering their gaze, which a) limits the point of view, and b) does not lift the mood) eliminates all reflective thought. And now, there’s the news: We’re nuked. Not with a nice mushroom and a loud boom, but ever so slightly. No need to stay indoors. No need to adjust diet (except in Belarus). So? If someone with that mindset were to accept that actually, Fuku is still spewing, the waste processing facilities are failing due to old age and capitalist outsourcing, and NO FUCKING comment in your main stream paper / magazine advised you to eat more apples to stay healthy, so if that were true, then: 1) What else were “they” lying about? 2) What can _I_ do _now_ to protect myself and my loved ones? 3) How can _I_ little ant influence the ones above? – Usually, these questions arrive in a dead end in the normal wage slave’s head, and result in the urge to buy/drink/fuck whatever. And that is why only a few freaks like you and I are actually thinking about this stuff. It’s literally insanely hard to even THINK about this stuff.

    Keep it up, and try to _act_ for yourself alone once in a while. Keeps you sane!

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