No Reason For 4th of July US Independence Celebrations. Soviet Takeover of US in Advanced Stage.

(Wrah-ha-ha – My silly headlines…)


” Happy 4th of July !!! “

The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag…  The American people will hoist it themselves.

–  Nikita Khrushchev (USSR leader 1953-1964)

Very different Nikita:

—- —- —- —- —- —-


Remember people freaking out over the American flag with Obama’s image on it (Shown in March 18, 2012‘s Waving the Winning Obama Flag, while Executive Order “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS” is signed), similar to the cults of personality found in many totalitarian regimes? Remember?

None of those vocal anti-Obama crusaders being all-upset now, eh? copy

“Just add babes?”

This blog post, kept ‘private’ for some time (“not to piss on the parade”, so to speak…) is just a ramble with mostly videos, many of which I do not per se vouch for, but found interesting enough to pass along (“before they vanish…”) copy.jpg

Crestone, Colorado, USSA

July 4, 2017 (Edited and added-to in the week after posting)

(I’m not a historian.  No expert in anything.  “Armchair commentator” at best.  If you’re looking for expert views, bother not.  Move along.  Nothing here.  DISCLAIMER)

I’m just… seemingly incapable of not asking questions, especially when I get clues, little hints, that there’s ‘sinister forces’ that discourage looking into something.

What really happened at Chernobyl, for instance?  Gets interesting when you ponder the Russian Woodpecker intrigue.   What happened at Fukushima-Daiichi?  Gets pretty weird when you dig into the significance of Cobalt-60 and all the various conspiracy distractions that may still contain bits and pieces of the puzzle.  There’s always “Nine Eleven” to explore yet another angle in…

I’ll even look at craaaazy stuff that could possibly even qualify as “attempts to deny (specifics of) the Jewish Holocaust (of WW2)”,…  Some of what I came across baffled me so much, I ended up going on “a bit of a Hitler kick“. – hehe  Man…  Watch enough “politically incorrect” videos on that topic, rather contradictory to what I learned in school growing up (in late cold war US-steered Belgium), and it’s pretty easy to end up with the sentiment found in many comment threads:

I just don’t know what to believe any more.’

For example:

Strange, no?     Bizarre for an ‘extermination’ camp, I’d say…

Anyhow…  That’s just one example.  (Many mix over-the-top racism into it, unfortunately…)

Why am I looking at that kind of stuff?   Though it very much ties in with the nuclear situation (which ties into occult esoteric layers and key secret society players…), it was mainly because of the 2016 US Election weirdness… It seemed way too choreographed, staged, FAKE, to allow only the daily bombardments of “news”.   I HAD TO scratch the surface.

So in this past year, I ended up reading a lot more books that was my usual.  Though I didn’t read ’em all cover-to-cover, I found these among the more interesting ones:


The Gulag Archipelago is likely the most famous one, as it won a Nobel Prize in Literature.  This “binge year of researching political histories”, something completely different [than nuclear-related stuff], has left me feeling like “I’ve been brainwashed”.   Not by those books.  By mainstream culture and the history I was fed as supposedly factual.  The history I learned was rather biased, it turns out.

So many things about history I had accepted because they sounded logical or just about right have become suspect.  And the worst part of tumbling down the “Russian Revolution” rabbit hole is coming to different understanding of what Hitler’s Germany tried to take a stand against…  [I hate that part, ’cause it’s so far “out there”, that it’s practically not possible to have a conversation about it…] ;-/

Problem is seeing that that key forces that directed the forming of the Soviet Union are very much still directing global politics…

And then of course… when you realize which group (very disproportionately) dominates the world’s mass media and entertainment world,  the bizarre-sounding alt-right saying, “The Truth is Anti-Semitic”, begins to make sense…   (Do I need to point out that at least 1/3rd of my friends are Jewish?  I find racism disgustingly narrow-minded.  But deception, or discouraging investigation, repulses me no less.) 

One bottom line I resonate with: “Truth Does Not Fear Investigation.

And thus, as far as the Nazi-orchestrated WW2 Holocaust of 6 million Jews goes, I’ve come to agree with this statement: “The very fact that you’re not allowed to question or investigate the holocaust without being thrown in jail, raises a red flag.

I have since gathered that that ‘red flag’ has a bit of yellow in it…  But it get WEIRD as soon as you start digging further…

Bunch of videos:

Now… where it becomes interesting and relevant is in the context of the somewhat puzzling (staged?) Trump – Putin dynamic, which includes BOTH of them very strongly supporting Zionist Israel), and particularly when reflecting on recent developments AS IF they were perhaps part and parcel of another step in the alleged conspiracy, “The Perestroika Deception”…

And, when I ponder Jüri Lina’s ‘In the Shadow of Hermes’, there are some strange similarities between the conditions that allowed the Bolshevik Revolution to succeed… and how chaos is being forged nowadays.

For instance, opening of the prison gates included releasing actual psychopaths that had been locked up for good reason…

Kerensky_shockTroopsOfReleasedPrisoners copy

Similarly, allowing barely mitigated mass-migration has brought along with it psychopathic elements.   Resulting in… predictable shock…  confusion, people unable to respond because of decades of véry strong conditioning (social justice, anti-racism, political correctness, anti-nationalism, open borders, anti-militancy, anti-extremism, party culture of make-belief,… etc.). and thus new socio-political fault lines form (all very predictable with in-depth chaos & game theory,  mass psychology and meiningskontrol insights, and thus manageable and exploitable!), including aspects such as a resurgence of more rigid racial, nationalistic and gender identities, all of which can also be manipulated and steered for non-obvious purposes (beyond the most obvious ‘divide and conquer’)….

So all this is predictably and quite likely intentionally clashing with the effects of over a half century of cultural Marxism’s multiculturalism and liberalism.  Somehow it seems too contrived to be just an oversight; it very well COULD be part of an overarching long-term strategy…

More impressions…:   


Peace out.

*NOT CARING*  will guarantee who wins…:  The psychopaths.

For what it’s worth, if anything… copy.jpg

It leaves me kinda speechless…

Staring at the endless wilderness outside my window…

listening to some music by composer Peter Grundy…

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10 Responses to No Reason For 4th of July US Independence Celebrations. Soviet Takeover of US in Advanced Stage.

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  3. Jacob Fuller says:

    I think you got things mixed up.
    “Jews” are the 13 tribes of Esau, Jacobs brother who forsook his inheritance with God.
    This little play they are putting on is just that, a play. controlled opposition.
    What do Stalin and Hitler have in common? They are both Jews.
    “The Lord will make war with AMELEK from generation to generation”
    AMELEK, was a son of ESAU.

    Its a con game friend.
    Read the Book of Obadiah to know the end of EDOM.
    Catholic Church? Yup, chief seat of EDOM.
    Babylon? Yewish.
    Think theres any truth in Edom? Nay.
    The Original home of KAZARIA is MOUNT SEIR IN PETRA JORDAN, home of Esau the Jew.

    Before anyone tosses out the race card, im in no race and My God told me “Despise not The Edomite, for he is thy brother”
    HE never commanded me to believe any of Esau’s Fables.

    All those books are fables, these people are laughing about it….they think the Sons of Jacob (Anglo Saxon=Angel of (i) saac’s Son) are fools.
    Yet, God will redeem Jacob and put the lying Jew to a perpetual shame and a never ending reproach which shall not be forgotten.

    God chose them for two things only, to correct Jacob & to show in them (Yews) HIS mighty power.

    • MVB says:

      Thank you. I’ll explore what you just shared. Any websites or specific book editions you could recommend. Much gratitude

  4. Jacob Fuller says:

    Russia and East Germany are AskeNAZI Jew (Hungarian Jew).
    Ninevah, Assyria, Babylon, Chaldea are one in the same, Edom (Edom = Esau = Jewish)
    The word “Jew” has become heated, its true meaning is “People of Judea”, Judea has had many residents, primarily Edom (after Jacob left for Western Europe,….Jeremiah took Zedekiah’s daughters to Ireland, so the story goes)
    Esau is obsessed with possessing Jacob’s lands, money, thoughts, obedience and ultimately Jacobs soul.

    • MVB says:

      Yes you could that, as well as something entirely different, and I’ll still be as confused. But if you can refer me to an excellent website, or book (other than the Bible, which seems up for just about any interpretation one fancies), do tell.

  5. Jacob Fuller says:

    Oops, didnt see your reply.
    Yes, there is a mine field of puzzle pieces scattered throughout pagan literature, the only true source is God’s book which tells the story truthfully and completely.
    Hint: Gods entire story is about ONE NATION, its a last days mega super power, its only a temporary dwelling for Jacob, but its a PERMANENT dwelling for Esau who stole it and its GOLD, it is a LARGE LAND ABUNDANT IN TREASURES, it was the land of promise (SEE: DEUTERONOMY), Jacob would never lack anything in this land.
    God named it Babylon at the end of the 400 years (1620-????) because Esau stole it and replenished Jacob with USURY perpetuating the end.
    “Therefore has thou forsaken the House of Jacob because they be REPLENISHED FROM THE EAST are soothsayers like the Phillistines and please themselves in the children of strangers (foreigners….net porn), their land is also filled with silver and gold neither is there any end of their treasures, they worship the work of their own hands, tgat which their own fingers have made ” think, smartphone)

    • MVB says:

      You lost me at “the only true source is God’s book”. The I Ching? The Vedas? The dead sea scrolls? The Koran? The Old Testament, which I find rather uninspiring, the New Testament? The mystery schools that date back to ancient Egypt? The unwritten sacred traditions of Native Americans? I mean… Maybe a century a go you could have a conversation by holding an extremely narrow version of what constitutes Truth, but… I grew up in a home with literally over 10,000 books. I can’t roll with your approach. I appreciate the input, though.

  6. Jacob Fuller says:

    Any of those books you mentioned tells the same story, from a crooked angle.
    Adam created all religions, wrote those books you mention.
    Adam is the devil in the Book.
    I promise you this,… read Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea and The Psalms as often as possible and you will understand all that is happening right now and why God brought His people to this land and why He will destroy them here.
    “The Land of their destruction”
    “The Valley of The Shadow of Death”
    Many names He gave America.
    The most amazing part of The Psalms is how David told the beginning to the end, 500 years before God revealed those things in the Books of The Prophets.

    My original comment was about the lying Jews and their con game which is so vast, deeply rooted and frankly perfect… without understanding Gods words, we are just their slaves.

    Your name Mik’Ha’EL means “Who is like The Mighty God?” which is a wordplay, those are Davids words.
    David is Michael.
    Is David a US citizen?
    Did God raise David up once again in the last days to inherit The People called by his name?

    Your a smart guy, hopefully you give God a chance and apply yourself to the one book in your collection not written by a dead liar.

    I drifted into your blog finally realizing that Babylon will sink and not rise again from the evil HE purposed against it, in the form of Fukushima radiation.

    The CO-60 is interesting, who knows just how many other heavy metals and byproducts of nuclear reactions are in the air, soil, water, food?

    • MVB says:

      I don’t know what you mean by ‘God’. Some being or force or plot to draw “His people” to a land (America, or Israel?) and destroy them (all of us?)? Count me out to call something that wicked anything else than wicked. Not my God. (Maybe I’m interpreting the word ‘God’ too theistically… It has made that rather easy… ;-/ )

      Fukushima is only the beginning. There’s 400+ more reactors to melt down and many more nukes to be used. Nothing Godly about it, just ignorance, fear, cleverness, recklessness, a false hope, and especially extreme contempt for the sacred dignity at the heart of humanity.

      It will all be overcome, this mess. Just shitty right now.

      Still beautiful wilderness, though… and good people everywhere.

      Thank you for the tip. I’ll read some verses and see if anything resonates.

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