3x Germany, EURDEP, 3 months (and then some…)

Kinda in the middle of nowhere without a car…, July 2, 2017


…Zoomed-in to a rare distant turquoise-blue flash (center bottom) entering my room from a refraction crystal on top of the Tibetan Buddhist “Stupa of Enlightenment” towards Crestone

—- —— — – —- — ————- – – – – —- ———– —- ——- – — —- – – – –

In addition to (July 2, 2017) US EPA Radnet Gamma data (various monitors, past 4 months), and that “nope, it’s not just natural rain-outs” hint found in Northern Italy JRC Monitor #7 @ T-BETA-ART Spiked over 700 Bq/m3 in June 2017 , some striking data from 24 EURDEP monitors found in (July 1, 2017) Stare at ’em long enough and these dots start talking… as well as the preceding 15 EURDEP graphs sprinkled throughout the (June 29, 2017) EURDEP Summer Upticks + Politically Incorrect & Music Videos, Etc., here’s 3 more from Germany:

Deschka_Germany_3mo_July2_2017 copy

KleinDisnack_Germany_3mo_July2_2017 copyNeuburg_Germany_3mo_July2_2017 copy

(I was looking for clues to why Poland shut its data flow off a few days ago…)  That’s all.

The rest is “just a ramble”…

Anyhow…    Radiation levels seem to have been going up for years now, since the completely hushed (unreported, officially never-happened) nuclear accidents in the first decade of the 21st century (California?, China?,…) followed by the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear mega-catastrophe, which took the neoliberal economic model [of privatizing profits and socializing costs] “to the next level”…  And a few more that were very professionally downplayed into oblivion (Ukraine‘s ZNPP, (“there appeared to have been no radiation leak“- New York Times, Dec. 3, 2014), nevermind the darn peculiar “rumors, and spiking monitors downwind…”)…  [Sigh…] I mean… I’ve said it too often before: how freak’n Orwellian has this world become? …or even just last autumn’s Halden, Norway fiasco (a-hem: “merely an insignificant whiff of I-131”),…).   On and on and on this goes…

Are we currently witnessing the latest mystery fallout pattern, related to a source “we’re not supposed to talk about” (that one?) ?  Is that the same spewing source behind the Spring 2016 mystery fallout patterns? During the period of peculiar detections and striking patterns, one of the spike periods (such as measured @ Salaspils, Latvia) coincided with a significant detection of Tellurium-132 , April 26th 2016, in Northern Germany.   Was the cause back then a serious European disaster that had to be silenced?  I’ve gone out on a limb considering various possibilities, but I never got one step closer.  I don’t even know which continent it happened on.  The monitoring systems are damn well-rigged!  Even when you figure out something went down, figuring out WHERE (and when did it begin?)… maybe it’s impossible.

Almost no one knows anything weird even happened in the nuclear landscape of 2016, a year that saw the most significant European detections since Fukushima began in spring 2011 (or since Chernobyl in spring 1986 for some) of Cesium-137 (!-> Helsinki… yeah yeah… I think there was more to that…), Tellurium-132, Ruthenium-103, as well as whiffs containing Cobalt-60 and Iodine-131, and yet even those facts were not enough for just ONE well-connected investigative journalist at a major publication to delve into this mystery and report on it.  I ended that Te-132 blog post with, If there’s any free press left in Merkel’s Germany, I guess I’ll read about the nuclear accident in the newspapers some time this week… – No such luck…  No further details have been published so far in any media anywhere…  Here and there other bloggers picked up on my report, sometimes even taking complete posts ;-/ (a la https://rsvdr.wordpress.com/ ), which I very much dislike (see my DISCLAIMER: just quote & link, man, don’t be a splogger), but anyhow… Bottom line:  it never went very far.   If you browse through the posts of the past year and a half, I documented “the Spring 2016 event” (which I called ‘the April Event’ for some time) to the point that there’s no doubt left that something extremely significant happened.

What and where remains a mystery, although the whiffs of Cobalt-60 that followed in its wake hint of a worsening of the situation at Fukushima, or some kind of NWO-approved secretive nuclear bomb test.   Either possibility is off-the-charts troubling.  The committed-to-secrecy CTBTO remains predictably completely silent on the matter.  No mainstream outlet has dared to touch the topic, apparently.  So, you may join me in my unchanged conclusion: When it comes to NUCLEAR news, an incredibly powerful control apparatus, with its tentacles stretching into all governments, its oversight agencies, the umbrella networks of the United Nations (UNEP, IAEA,…), the entire mainstream press and even most of the so-called alternative media,… is on top of it.

In short:  Outside a few completely marginal lone voices, there is no free press left.  It’s a show.

What we’re seeing on the increasingly data-gapped monitors lately is likely just “more of the same“…

This year: Again a bizarre radioactive whiff was picked up in Southern Finland (See May 20, 2017) BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017), and I (on this blog) was the only one pointing that out.   A very similar mixture had been detected by the Finnish nuclear monitoring agency STUK in 2015, its origin declared a complete mystery.

This time they quietly posted the data and kept silent otherwise.   That week many official radiation monitoring systems in both Europe and the United States, even as far “up-wind” as Honolulu, Hawaii (See May 28, 2017: US Turns Off Radiation Monitors; Baseline Shift @ Hawaii & other Radnet graphs (US EPA Radnet, end May 2017), imposed data gaps, shifted the data processing, but eventually, by summer, unusually high spikes, as well as odd lower-than-usual values bled visibly through the deception drag nets, all over the place…  That’s where we are nowadays.

So – “fuck it” – I’m going to digress…

Starting with some music…
























































































































The other reason for ‘a little more from Germany’ was because for two days  since posting radiation data mixed with “politically incorrect videos” (and other ones too) German blog traffic dropped to zero.  Odd, I thought, but probably nothing given almost no one gives a damn about ‘data’ these days anymore anyhow….  Scientific reality has been put on the back burner.  Something.

Originally this post was going to appear under the headline, 卐 “Deutschland Über Alles” 卐 (Blog Traffic Test Ramble), but then, since I started putting this post together,  there suddenly were the first four German blog visitors in several days, and so I changed it.   For a moment it had me wondering if even internet media had become thát censored in Germany…  “False alarm”.  ;-)  But, as you can see, it did grow into quite the rant, completely with an unrelated video compilation…  ;-)   Anyhow, “the experiment” (to see if blog views via servers in Germany would remain at zero) is now moot.  I was going to push it a little further and see what would happen to blog traffic.   ;-D  Some of it is offensive (imo, on purpose: I was trying to find stuff that might be “banned in Germany” -hehe), but some of it… man…  Interesting, actually!

It’s gotten me wondering too… to what extent I was utterly INDOCTRINATED into a damn biased incomplete version of history and culture in general…

Watch ’em all (and click through, sometimes there’s equally interesting counter-points):












































































Oh yeah… The [former] headline?  Here:










Previously, I only knew of (punk rocker / “Jewish dissident” Jello Biafra’s) Californian version:








Guess which “national anthem” I learned in high school (near Leuven, in Dutch-speaking Belgium), right hand held over heart, standing up tall and all?   Kinda surreal when I reflect upon the fact that I only learned thís one, and neither the Belgian nor Flemish ones:







I think it was an inside-joke of my rather leftist-leaning English teacher, ánd so we could sing along at the Night Of the Proms at ‘t Sportpaleis in Antwerpen (1992)…

Looking back at the years before I moved to the States in 1995…   If there ever were pushers of “Cultural Marxism”, a few of my high school teachers definitely fit the bill.  But until recently I had never even heard of that term.

(Many videos on this topic vanish and get re-uploaded, if gone find “Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism” and  “The Frankfurt School – Western Decline by Design”…








And the beat goes on…



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3 Responses to 3x Germany, EURDEP, 3 months (and then some…)

  1. Evil isn’t a flag, yet the ‘handlers’ keep making everyone think it’s one. Why does humanity fall for it every time? Maybe we should just ban flags… and handlers.

  2. Lobaczewski said to control a society you just need to control the definition of evil. Real, imagined, fake, manufactured… it doesn’t matter. As long as you get most people to agree on ANY definition of ‘evil’ you provide, then you can began to control them.

    Psychopaths do this all the time. If you have infested the U.S. (or any other) government, then don’t waste your time defining ‘good’ or ‘humanity’ or ‘enlightenment’ – there’s no benefit for a psychopath to do that. A good psychopath will define ‘evil’ (usually as a flag of another nation), make sure the people are properly terrified of it and they are totally dependent on you to ‘protect’ them. This is the ideal control mechanism. Flag of (insert evil country here) = evil. Obey your master if you want to be protected from evil. Defy your master (disobey or don’t accept control) and you are ‘supporting’ evil.

    The quickest way to detect a corrupt religion, nation or people is to see how obsessed they are with a perceived external enemy vs. the common good and shun any consideration of the internal enemies – the psychopaths that usurp them for control.

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