Stare at ’em long enough and these dots start talking…

DISCLAIMER, July 1, 2017

Just EURDEP (via ), data pulled June 30, 2017, 3 months at a time strung together, y-axis adjusted to show more detail, annotations added:

Let’s put this way:  I’m not so sure anymore that we’re looking at mere summer thunderstorm rain-outs of just natural radon progeny…  Too simultaneous too widespread, with all the indicators of fallout (ninja dots, lower than normal values, wide swings, unusual spikes, baseline adjustments, and “freak shifts” like this first one:)

By the way, Poland is currently “inserting a data gap”:

Wonder why…

So far from Turkey…

Or Ireland for that matter…

Lots of “ninja dots” and “baseline shifts” in the UK lately:

Greek monitors, always popcorn-worthy…:

And so forth…:

–> Those upticks & data gaps around May 14th are especially interesting because they coincided with véry curious findings, see (May 20, 2017): BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017)

(Some of ’em speak Japanese with a MOXy Flemmish accent…, I think…

See also data & pondering sprinkled throughout the past 1,000+ blog posts…)


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