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Blond Black Bear sighting

Saw ‘some animal’ from my upstairs desk.  Couldn’t quite see it through the foliage.  First I wondered if it was a long-haired dog.  Grabbed my camera, ran down and out, and quietly moved to within 20 feet of the bush … Continue reading

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A Century… (of warmongers pretending they care)

100 year anniversary of one of the most horrific battles of WW1, at Passendale, near Ieper in Belgium… !-> See also (Sept. 28, 2011)  Canadian 10 Dollar bill: Lest We Forget. Music (in a Flemish dialect): And… did we learn anything? … Continue reading

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Upcoming ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ Being Associated with Prophesy (Video)

Complete (US, Aug. 21, 2017) Solar Eclipse path details @ Little music first: Sangre de Cristo fault line, Southern Colorado – July 30, 2017 Screenshot from the below video, combining FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Earthquake Damage map with the … Continue reading

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Patra, Greece (EURDEP, 9 months) [+…]

——- ——- ——- Online Radiation Monitors:  EURDEP — July 30, 2017 Patra, Greece, 9 months: —- —- —- —- —-

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Yet Another Cobalt-60 Detection… (Kotka, Late July 2017)

Colorado Rocky Mountains — July 29, 2017 “…♬ Steal the warm wind tired friend Times are gone for honest men And sometimes far too long for snakes ♬…” Not even an uptick in radioCesium this time, but this most recent … Continue reading

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Couple EURDEPs (July 25, 2017 – Various)

Colorado Rocky Mountains – July 26, 2017 (data pulled 24th or late 25th) “Three months till winter…”  :-) ☢ DISCLAIMER ☢ All public SOURCES I use listed on these pages: Online Radiation Monitors -☢- Radiation Units & Conversions -☢-  Nuclear … Continue reading

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3 months in Turkey (EURDEP, 9 monitors)

Colorado Rocky Mountains – July 22, 2017 Shown below are 3-month graphs for those [non-yellow] Turkish monitors that showed a ‘Standard Deviation’ (1 or more) on EURDEP (See Online Radiation Monitors) during the past month. In no particular order: —— … Continue reading

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