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Couple Radiation Graphs from EURDEP & RADNET (June 18, 2017) [+ videos]

Sangre de Cristo wilderness, Southern Colorado – June 18, 2017 Snippets from Radiation Land — Just a selection (‘Standard Deviation’ for T-GAMMA on EURDEP; and just monitors I checked and found share-worthy on Radnet’s overview map).  Sources used listed on … Continue reading

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Apparent Uptick in Cetacean Conjoined Twins

An article by John Albinson on CBS News, June 15, 2017,  “Fishermen catch extremely rare 2-headed porpoise in North Sea” mentioned a statistic that made me do a double-take: Reported in The Netherlands in articles like, June 7’s “Siamese bruinvistweeling … Continue reading

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CryptoRevolution In Progress? [Bitcoin Music & Documentaries]

“Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.”  – Leon Luow, Nobel Peace prize nominee Crestone, in remote Saguache County, where 1 in 5 live in poverty, Southern Colorado, … Continue reading

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Galmaarden, Belgium (EURDEP, 18 months) + T-BETA-ART spikes in Italy

June 13, 2017 Starting on Dec. 13, 2015, below, showing the down-is-up drop-to-zero type of “fallout pattern”… at the onset of March 2016… again another example: right at the time of the Cesium-137 Helsinki Garage hoax  (See, among others: April 22, … Continue reading

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Mayen, Deutschland (EURDEP, 4 years)

The pattern in the past few weeks, with lower than normal, as well as slightly higher upticks had me browse through the previous few years.  Here’s the last 3 months: Below, starting March 8, 2013, and going till June 8, … Continue reading

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4 x EURDEP, 3 months

June 8, 2017  

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Colorado & Neighboring States (US EPA Radnet, T-Gamma, 4 months)

Flashback from 2016: “Either there was a MAJOR nuclear meltdown event this year, which would mean a monstrous cover-up is in full swing.  OR the situation at Fukushima-Daiichi is getting worse, with fission flare-ups and underground explosions and all, which … Continue reading

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