CTBTO: New (2012-2016) Krypton-85 data is in…

Krypton-85 is a Beta-emitter with a half-life of 10.756 years.  Its fission yield is around 0.3%: approximately 3 atoms of Krypton-85 are generated per 1000 fissions.   It might play a role in affecting climate (see references at the end).

IF ONLY they made it clear where this the paper (KR-85 monitoring in North-Western Region of Russian Federation, by Y. Dubasov, N. Okunev and A.Orlov of the V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute in Saint Petersburg, Russia), with its latest Kr85 data, can be found…  Too bad the gist wasn’t included in the abstract.

Anyone to direct me to the actual paper/data?  

The teaser is @ https://ctnw.ctbto.org/DMZ/abstract/21740 

Annotated screenshot:

https-:ctnw.ctbto.org:DMZ:abstract:21740 copy.jpg

That’s nice…  Where is that paper?  I can’t find a link…

So… what they did include in the abstract is that the concentration of Krypton-85 rose from about 0.9 Bq/m3 (becquerel per cubic meter – see Radiation Units for help) in 1993 to an average of about 1.55 Bq/m3 by 2008, an increase of 72% in merely 15 years.

Compare that to the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the same period (1993 to 2008):  about an 8% increase:


So atmospheric Kr85 is increasing by almost an entire magnitude faster than CO2…   I’m curious to see if the increase of Kr85 continued and whether or not it is significantly higher now due to the (ongoing) Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe in 2011.  My curiosity is partially because just about any weird weather is being attributed to “catastrophic anthropogenic climate change” (CACG) these days, ánd with industrial emissions of CO2 being said to be the #1 culprit.  I remain skeptical of the certainty ascribed to the IPCC’s assertion.

Little solid data exists that links Kr-85 to climate change, but two things are clear:  the likelihood that this may be the case has been raised by scientists (see links below), and pro-nuclear propagandists/lobbyists insist Kr-85 must remain largely unregulated (as it is one of the main pollutants nuclear power plants release), clearly entirely for the nuclear industry’s self-interest.   The fact that nuclear energy is being pushed as part of the (“fewer carbon emissions”) energy solution to “combat climate change” would be double ironic if it ultimately turns out to be a more significant culprit itself…

This list of references, below, sourced from Cafe RadLab,

!-> @ http://caferadlab.com/printthread.php?tid=168 :

“Collected from Majia and Paul Langley‘s blogs.

——- —— ——

[Latest data will be added here if I get my hands on it.]

Older data, up till 1990, from http://www.proatom.ru/modules.php?name=News&file=print&sid=3135 (in Russian) shows this evolution:

http-:www.proatom.ru:modules.php?name=News&file=print&sid=3135 copy.jpg

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3 Responses to CTBTO: New (2012-2016) Krypton-85 data is in…

  1. pure water says:

    It has been published here:
    May be one can pay for information here:
    Or try to register here and read the article ( looks like scientific institutions exchange library):
    But I found something free and credible in Russian with graphs done for 3 different models for increase and some data:
    It is old, but even their conservative model looks bad, and Fukushima happened later.
    May be you can find the journal Radiochemistry at some university library. It was published in 2012.
    I will read something simpler, trying to escape the stinging sun rays. This one:

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