EURDEP Summer Upticks + Politically Incorrect & Music Videos, Etc.

{I added and edited this blog post several hours after posting.  Some videos I find essentially repulsive, but they’re included as part of the art project that this blog is.  Also see my DISCLAIMER (tab in top banner/Menu).}

CRESTONE – Southern Colorado – June 29 & 30, 2017

“…… Alle, die uns sagen
wir sollen uns nicht engagieren,
wissen dieses Kartenhaus muss eines Tages explodieren
Doch ich bleibe hier…… “ – From:

  • Poland:

Suwalki_Poland_3mo_June29_2017 copy

—— —— —— copy

—— —— ——

From Poland to Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, here and there in the UK, all over the Alps region, and so forth, there’s been gamma upticks on public radiation monitors this past week, often correlating with precipitation.

Couple examples (more further down):

  • Latvia:

Riga_Daugava_Latvia_3mo_June29_2017 copySalaspils_Latvia_3mo_June29_2017 copy

  • The Netherlands:

Heerenveen_Nederland_3mo_June29_2017 copy.jpg

  • Ukraine:

Cherkasy_Ukraine_3mo_June29_2017 copy

  • Hungary:

Budapest_VVR_Hungary_3mo_June29_2017 copy

  • Ireland:

Rosslare_Eire_3mo_June29_2017 copy

  • Denmark:

Herning_Sara_Denmark_3mo_June29_2017 copy

You get the idea.

No significant Beta or T-Beta-Art upticks, and given I haven’t seen fresh detections of unusual radioisotopes (such as the wave of Iodine-131 this past winter, or that too-weird-to-explain Finnish whiff that contained Cobalt-60, Niobium-95, etc. in mid-May (2017), I’m assuming these most recent widespread upticks are due to the European heatwave breaking with thunderstorms and (mostly natural Radon progeny) rain-outs.  Relatively speaking, much of Europe’s air is pretty polluted, so those rain-outs probably contain some artificial traces too, but I won’t speculate beyond that likelihood.

composite copy.jpg In the left composite an example of recent spikes (example: Clermont-Ferrand, France) correlating with “ninja dots” (examples: Marham, UK & Talavera La Real, Spain) .

The “:” colon (two “ninja dots” between common data values around the same time) is found on numerous UK graphs.  No idea what that indicates, just pointing it out.  Maybe radioisotope air sample measurements (which come in with delay due to the lab procedures, etc.) will shed light on that in a few weeks. (?)

To see the upward trend of the upticks/spikes, I’d have to make more long-term graphs (showing many years), and… well…  the weather here in the Colorado mountains just too nice to spent my time thát way right now…

Further below are two 6 month gamma graphs from 2 monitors (data pulled on June 28, 2017 via EURDEP – See Online Radiation Monitors (in the Nuclear tab of the top Menu) for additional options.



La Hestre, Belgium, 6 months: From usually below 0.120 µSv/hr to often surpassing it after mid-May:

LaHestre_Belgium_3mo_March28_2017 copyLaHestre_Belgium_3mo_June28_2017 copy

  • Ilsfeld, Germany, 6 months:  Data gaps during the I-131 detections period, and significant upticks since mid-May:

Ilsfeld_Germany_3mo_March28_2017 copyIlsfeld_Germany_3mo_June28_2017 copy


And some more music & other welcomed distractions…:

  • T.I. stuff…

“;-)”   …And here’s two Swedes having a chat awhile back, mixing some interesting stuff on the United Nation’s Agenda 21 with what I consider bs… (“for what it’s worth…”).  

Oh Crestone-Baca…   what a weird place I live in… Such divergent opinions…

And Oh the videos YouTube recommends now…

… wobb wobb wobb …

For what it was worth again… if anything.

Good thing my blog barely gets any traffic, eh?  ;-)

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2 Responses to EURDEP Summer Upticks + Politically Incorrect & Music Videos, Etc.

  1. MVB says:

    Note the composite error in one of the Latvian graphs, where I switched the position of two months (April/May) by accident.

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