50,000 Demand Closure of Microcracked Nuclear Reactors, some EURDEP, Etc.

June 26, 2017

A friend sent me this (unrelated to what’s further below), will watch it next:

Couple nuclear news snippets…:

Cool to see some 50,000 people come out to demand the closure of Belgium’s micro-cracked nuclear reactors @ Doel & Tihange:  https://www.rt.com/news/394055-belgium-human-chain-nuclear-protest/

https-:www.rt.com:news:394055-belgium-human-chain-nuclear-protest: copy.jpg

Would be much cooler if they actually shut those plants down and invested massively in clean energies (tidal, stream turbines, solar, “zero point” resonance over-unity stuff, etc.)

Over the years I’ve touched on the issues with those reactors in posts such as:

h/t RT (https://www.rt.com/search?q=nuclear, screenshot):

June26_2017_RTnuclearNews copy

—- —– —-

TemelinNPP copy

@ Czech Republic’s Temelin Nuclear Waste Production facility…

That first one, though… Damn.  Kinda funny… A Bikini contest to get an internship at a Czech nuclear power plant?  “How can we make this hellhole any hotter?”  Must be some twisted nuclear industry inside joke…

…as Bikini, one of several Pacific islands ruined by nuclear bomb tests, was chosen as the name for this sexy piece of clothing, to link ‘horrendous nuclear crimes‘ with ‘sexy‘… How luciferian of them…  Guess they still can’t help it…


Bikini, 1954…

—- —– —-

Anyhow, not much new to report from the online radiation data landscape…

3 x 3-month EURDEP graphs from Europe:

Kecskemet_Hungary_3mo_June26_2017 copyFINO2_Germany_3mo_June26_2017 copyKefalonia_Greece_3mo_June26_2017 copy

And one from Erdogan’s fiefdom:

BursaOrhaneliTS_Ottomania_3mo_June26_2017 copy

———– ———– ———–

Commercial break (for a freak’n flashlight!… LOL):

Though, to enjoy the humor in fear-mongering, I like to have two tabs with YouTube on, with the other tab playing a sci-fi soundtrack like this, for example:

—– —- –hehe– —- —–

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2 Responses to 50,000 Demand Closure of Microcracked Nuclear Reactors, some EURDEP, Etc.

  1. Paul says:

    man, that bikini thing. read it elsewhere, totally missed the connection… !even though i know where it comes from! .. . if i ‘d thought about it for more than a second. thanks for the reminder. thanks for the observation, thanks for the site, thanks for you.

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