Blip… (Bit of EURDEP & Radnet; Music, Temps, Lightnings, Fires,…)

June 21, 2017 – Summer is here.

Blogpost soundtrack: “…the writing’s on the wall…”

Music videos, sprinkled with a couple EURDEP 3-month graphs on top, and 4-month Radnet graphs after.  All sources listed @

Nice example of what I call a baseline shift in April and zero values flanking a data gap in this one in Austria:

Oberneukirchen_Austria_3mo_June21_2017 copy

Last 3 months @ #17 Premantura, Croatia:

Premantura17_Croatia_3mo_June21_2017 copy

The 3 months before, including that period that Iodine-131 was detected across Europe: data gap with erratic “glitch dots” of the not-so-high kind:

Premantura17_Croatia_3mo_March21_2017 copy

I like the look without the polyline setting, hints a bit of particles suspended in the air… ;-)  Same period:

Premantura17_Croatia_3mo_March21_withoutPolyline_2017 copy

A selection of US EPA total-gamma Radnet graphs, see below music…

In no particular order:

albuquerque-gammasumpierre-gammasumhonolulu-gammasum copyyuma-gammasumcolumbia-gammasumanchorage-gammasumshreveport-gammasumcolumbia-gammasum-1jackson-gammasumst.louis-gammasumfortmadison-gammasumlittlerock-gammasumfresno-gammasumtampa-gammasumkalispell-gammasumboise-gammasumharrisonburg-gammasum

No comment.  Just “for the record”…

Snippets from weatherland:

SouthWest heatwave (SOURCE: continues (110 F = 43.3 C):

June21_2017HOT copy

Lightning in “my extended region” (SOURCE:

WedJune21_2017_130pm_24hrs copy.jpg

(Nothing new in the region as far as current wildfires goes, though the wind has blown some smoke from New Mexico this way.  (See latest @: )

That’s it for my break.  Back to some more ‘fire mitigation’ chainsawing… 

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