Couple Radiation Graphs from EURDEP & RADNET (June 18, 2017) [+ videos]

Sangre de Cristo wilderness, Southern Colorado – June 18, 2017

firemap_SW_June18_2017 copy

Wildfire Season has begun amidst a blistering Southwest heatwave.  See INCIWEB for latest.

Snippets from Radiation Land — Just a selection (‘Standard Deviation’ for T-GAMMA on EURDEP; and just monitors I checked and found share-worthy on Radnet’s overview map).  Sources used listed on Online Radiation Monitors.  Help with Counts Per Minute (CPM) microSievert/hour (µSv/hr), nanoSievert/hour (nSv/h), etc., see Radiation Units and Conversions.   Data was pulled on June 16 (first 2 graphs), June 17 (Radnet) and early June 18, 2017 (rest of EURDEP composite graphs).  In no particular order otherwise.

Azuaga_Spain_3mo_June17_2017 copyDoblice_Slovenia_3mo_June17_2017 copy

Note the recent baseline shifts, data gaps and spikes (on logarithmic scale):


Castelo_Branco_Spain_3mo_June18_2017 copy

ELvas_Portugal_3mo_June18_2017 copy

–> some of these spikes in Portugal are record-high (at least for the past several years, I didn’t browse through the complete record), which leaves me wondering if they’re related to the devastating forest fires raging there this week.

Vinca_Serbia_3mo_June18_2017 copy

And that’s it for snippets from radiation land today…

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  • And in case you ever wondered why the government sponsored the switch to digital TV: 6,506,148:

  • “What you need to know about TARGETED INDIVIDUALS and ELECTRONIC WEAPONRY”:

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