Mayen, Deutschland (EURDEP, 4 years)

The pattern in the past few weeks, with lower than normal, as well as slightly higher upticks had me browse through the previous few years.  Here’s the last 3 months:

Mayen_Germany_3mo_June8_2017 copy

Below, starting March 8, 2013, and going till June 8, 2017 with the above last 3 months repeated at the very end, shows “baseline / data processing shifts” at least twice, making long-term comparisons meaningless.  Just for the record, no further comments:

Mayen_Germany_3mo_June8_2013 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_Sept8_2013 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_Dec8_2013 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_March8_2014 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_June8_2014 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_Sept8_2014 copy

Mayen_Germany_3mo_Dec8_2014 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_March8_2015 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_June8_2015 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_Sept8_2015 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_Dec8_2015 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_March8_2016 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_June8_2016 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_Sept8_2016 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_Dec8_2016 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_march8_2017 copyMayen_Germany_3mo_June8_2017 copy

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One Response to Mayen, Deutschland (EURDEP, 4 years)

  1. PF says:

    @Mayen, and the stations around: To me, looks like a equipment bug, look at the “two lane” data of a single day: every so often, it’s down again, and then up again; until someone notices.

    More current: Look at this report:
    Some shit in Belgian NPP, as you’ve said before. Nice ;).

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