4 x EURDEP, 3 months

June 8, 2017

Kjeller_Norway_3mo_June8_2017 copyVaxsjo_Sweden_3mo_June8_2017 copyFino1_researchPlatform_Germany_3mo_June8, 2017 copyMarham_UK_3mo_June8_2017 copy


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4 Responses to 4 x EURDEP, 3 months

  1. PF says:

    Noticed an uptick as well, see link below. There was a thunderstorm at the spike’s time. Did that “drain” something from above?! – Bought a SBM-20 tube, will set up a permanent station soon. Not sure if I share the data publicly, I want to get an impression of the measurements’ reliability first.


    • MVB says:

      Natural rainouts of short-lived radon progeny comes down with any rain, and more so with thunderstorms. Whether or not there’s additional man-made stuff in it cannot be ascertained without additional tests.

      • MVB says:

        Example of crazy 10 microSievert/hr rain turned out to be almost entirely natural, learned a lot from the lab tests I had done: https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/gamma-spectroscopy-colorado-radioactive-rain-june-14-2015-fukushima/

        Still, the sb124… I’m still not buying the idea that what resource exploitation companies inject deep underground to figure out water flows etc is somehow raining down on us in measurable concentrations, and I bet all the flagged unknown ones hint at a not so rosy picture too. Wish I could afford more of those, but I kinda shot myself in the foot by taking those lab expenses out of my building budget. Then again, I have still done more rainwater analysis in Colorado since Fukushima began than the EPA. For what that’s worth… (-:

        • PF says:

          Thank you for your comments, I was wondering myself how to distinguish natural versus man-made radiation. Ok, so let’s dig into some nuclear physics ;).

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