Colorado & Neighboring States (US EPA Radnet, T-Gamma, 4 months)

Flashback from 2016: “Either there was a MAJOR nuclear meltdown event this year, which would mean a monstrous cover-up is in full swing.  OR the situation at Fukushima-Daiichi is getting worse, with fission flare-ups and underground explosions and all, which actually would also mean its monstrous cover-up remains in full swing.   I think it’s safe to assume that the detections of Co-60 in the various fallout waves in the past few years point at Fukushima, and not at nukes being set off secretly.   That newer leaks at various locations are compounding the larger leaking from Fukushima seems most plausible to me.”       

– The conclusion of a blog post last year: “Okay…”, Aug. 4, 2016

To locate the beautiful mountain state of ‘Colorado’, see the black square in the below US map (which unfortunately shows the highest consumption of marijuana, ánd alcohol, ánd non-medical opioids, ánd cocaine…):

“For orientation”:

Where people drink the most booze and do the most drugs

But that TOTALLY aside…

For those who’re new to my blog, make sure to read my DISCLAIMER: “[…] as a rule of thumb: everything in this blog and related pages, bar nothing, may be considered “for entertainment purposes only.” […]”   Perhaps similarly to when I find myself in a “reality-facing mood”, I know some of you object to the gist of the disclaimer, saying that the radiation data I document isn’t “entertaining”, that this is serious, that we are truly in deep sh*t, that the cover-up of the officially denied radioactive clouds, as well as the long-term effects of even trace amounts of added artificial radionuclides is REAL, that we’re faced with completely out-of-control psychopathic governments… and so forth.  Yeah…

I agree.

Yet thís ‘disclaimered way’ I feel more ‘at liberty’ to play with this medium as a “just an outlet”, with it being clear that all my “views, understanding and opinions are subject to change without notice…”, you know… AS IF, as if that would make any effing difference…   I know the disclaimer is bullshit.   But what’s my alternative?   Fly an American flag and quote the Bill of Rights on the Fourth of July?   “hehe :-)”  Hence I also throw in various “completely unrelated” videos, part of my in-motion contemporary style of “blog art”…  For as dystopian as things appear, I do actually, truly, hope this blog offers …at least something that makes you feel you didn’t just completely waste your time exploring yet another braindead heartless bs website…

Almost like I’m mimicking the various alternative news / disinformation outlets, most of which clearly wrap lesser-known truths in total nonsense (or vice versa), for obvious manipulative “opinion/focus control” purposes, right? … with the only difference that I detest such sinister agendas and that “the packaging” here is merely a mixture of music I listened to while processing data, and other ‘stuff’ that I leave up to you to ponder over… if you feel so inclined.  The data is there, if you scroll down…

That being said…

“…we haven’t barely a clue… what’s really happening…”

The EPA doesn’t have much of a “network”, so my “extended neighborhood” has only these, shown below, US EPA Radnet monitors: 3 in Colorado, 2 in Utah, 1 in Wyoming, 1 in Nebraska, 2 in Kansas, 4 in New Mexico and 1 in Oklahoma…. Pathetic, but anyhow, not that the newest clown will address that dismal situation…   Beta-monitoring was taken down practically everywhere last year (See, for instance: May 2, 2016 ALASKA Turned Off Beta Radiation Monitoring Amidst Major Gamma Uptick and May 26, 2016 Entire Western North America now “Fallout Blind” and other observations), which followed that “this never happened” mega nuclear disaster of early 2016. (Highlighted by the 10,000%-higher-concentration-than-detected-in Europe-in-2011 of TELLURIUM-132, Northern Germany, Apr. 26, 2016, in a context of massive widespread disturbances, spikes and data gaps – See my Nuclear Blog Post Archive for pieces of thát freak nuclear disaster puzzle)…

Unless they’re insectoid aliens doing some kind of psychopathic “reverse terraforming”, perhaps what is happening is somehow too terrifying for the top nuclear insiders… that they keep a lid on it (because they project their own fears onto the masses, expecting utter panic and chaos if people knew…).  I don’t know, except this I do know:  not one letter about the radiological landscape deterioration of 2016 was written about in ANY mainstream media outlet worldwide




INSERT: Just “to expose” the utter bullshit that can be found on ENENews [(also-very-entertaining-yes? – some hint it may be a clever CIA-controlled platform of sorts…) –> read the comments]…   (such as… See: May 24, 2017: Mid-May 2017 Radiation Spikes had Nothing to do with Hanford.) which (ENEnews that is), as far as I know, just in past similar test-the-waters-and-see-how-stupid-their-audience-is instances, never officially gets addressed in hindsight… Below, in the highlighted time period ENENews (or Nuclear Hotseat they sourced from while turning their critical minds OFF), used in an attempt to make the hemisphere-wide abnormalities look ‘local’…

“Dude, look: spike after tunnel collapse!!!”   Did they blink an eye at the May 30th spike @ Ellensburg, WA?   [Of course not… ‘Cause certain deception schemes have to be paced?]

richland_Ellensburg_WA_USepa_Radnet copy




About 65% of the time, a Current-Day version of Jesus is protecting these fine folks from having a clue what’s falling from the heavens…    I guess…  Something…

[Play with Nullschool for clues]:



Oh them data gaps and spikes… 

carlsbad-gammasumoklahomacity-gammasumtulsa-gammasumdodgecity-gammasumwichita-gammasumkearney-gammasumJust “for the record.”

I have “no idea” what’s up.  Check with your nearest government-approved expert.

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