Lisää Cobalt-60 @ Kotka, Suomi

Kotka_Finland_Cs137_Co60_3mo_June4_2017 copy

3 months @ Kotka, Finland: Cs-137 & Co-60

–> Huomaa, kuinka äärimmäisen epätavallisen havaitsemisen jälkeen (Katso: (May 20, 2017), Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017), Ilmavirran näytteenotto (radioisotooppeihin liittyvä tietovaje) keskeytyi merkittävästi. Kuitenkin palaamisen jälkeen Cs-134 ja Co-60 havaittiin jälleen viime viikolla. Näiden viimeisimpien havaintojen yksityiskohdat::

Kotka_Finland_Cs137+Co60_1mo_June4_2017 copy

Cs-137 & Co-60

Kotka_Finland_Cs134_Nb95_1mo_June4_2017 copy

Cs-134 & Ru-103

Lähde on epätodennäköistä paikallisesti Suomessa, koska seuraukset radioaktiivinen pilvi ilmeinen aiheutti laajaa kohonneita arvoja, puuttuvat tiedot ja tietojen muutokset kaikkialla Euroopassa ja Pohjois-Amerikassa (katso esimerkit eri blogimerkintöjä ennen ja jälkeen ensimmäisen koboltti-60-mittaus Kotkan).

Esimerkiksi saarella Kyproksen itäisen Välimeren näemme samanlaista kohonneita Cesium-137 ja T-BETA-ART::

Nicosia_Cyprus_Cs137_T.BETA.ART__3mo_June4_2017 copy

T-gammasäteily tietoja eri puolilla Suomessa ja muissa Euroopan maissa (joista osa toistoa edellisten blogikirjoituksia) – 04 kesäkuu 2017:

RojenPeak_Bulgaria_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgMora_Sverige_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgAnkaraSereflikochisar_Turkey_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgIgdir_Karakoyunlu_Turkey_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgYozgat_Turkey_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgSoria_SPain_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgLarissa_Greece_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgShobdon_UK_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgMondsee_Austria_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgGeneva_Cointrin_CH_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgSTeenwijksmoer_Nederland_3mo_June4_2017 copy 2.jpgLambusart_Belgium_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgSaintLeger_Belgium_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgBruinisse_Nederland_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgWarsawa_Poland_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgWaldkirchStSiensbach_Deutschland_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgRiga_Rupniecibas_Street_Latvia_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgTallinn_Estonia_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgToravere_Stonia_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgKerimaeki_FInland_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgKuivalahti_FInland_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpgNurmijaervi_FInland_3mo_June4_2017 copy.jpg


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5 Responses to Lisää Cobalt-60 @ Kotka, Suomi

  1. PF says:

    Thanks for the Google Translate Challenge! I’ll still be reading your blog ;)

  2. PF says:

    Check winds on 2017-05-30:,43.98,822
    Interesting, innit? I guess the big system south of Greenland was pumping stuff towards Europe. I was wondering about the values of Mondsee, AT: No rain at that time, no wind. But at a higher altitude, at 250hPa, there’s a local system in contact with the bigger one from the Atlantic. Man, you’re right. Damn right. And that’s a compliment!!

    • MVB says:

      Tx! Cs134 and a trace of Co60, yet no uptick of I131… And this blowing in from afar… and not a word from the nuclear establishment? Something very significant happened again, or something far out of the ordinary is continuing, deserving major scrutiny. (The Finnish was just an experiment to see if it would boost blog traffic from Finland. Answer so far is: no, zero views from Finland)

  3. MVB says:

    Also noteworthy is that the small gamma upticks in Finland occurred during the 11 days they paused sampling for radioisotopes.

  4. M says:

    plotting graphs started in march, soon after Czech SUJB shut down MONRAS. Took some of Your conclusions as a base, decided to look for short events/bursts and just waited for them ninjas.
    Well, seriously for a while I took them glitch dots as non-shielded STS5 tube under EM or pidgeon influence type of error. That shit be sensitive. Then THAT event correlating with other “local” events ( and in details… ) happened and now I’m sure. More than 5 counts in one second do not happen when testing inside. Now I know that above 7 it’s propably something worth closing the window, with possible shitstorm approaching. Long average is the key to mind peace – but one look at the detailed Legnica graph and you know 24 hours was not long enough this time.
    Now they are cleaning up the April on eurdep, some of them workers propably believe it’s measurement error and do not bother to look at others graphs, while those more respected help them think so, and all is well.
    It seems now we are not getting most of “the stuff”:

    Black line is the 15min average, and red + is CPS cut off below 5
    Thanks! Your hard work makes a difference!

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