“…Got Something to Hide? Why?…” (Music Videos, Trump News & EURDEP, various, incl. France, 21 months, & new T-BETA-ART spike)

From the lyrics of “Waiting for the Stars To Align” , by VITALIC (2017):

— For EURDEP & other radiation data, scroll past these music videos —

The one above, with almost-hypnotic rhythm and black/white/red video I find reminiscent of a few along a similar soundscape from the 1980’s, such as “Fade to Grey”, by Visage (1981):

Didn’t know the Pet SHop Boys were still making music, like, for instance, “Axis“,(2013):

Radiation DATA… 

Gimme a sec. …Cool video:

Bitola, Macedonia had some new spikes.

Many more monitors (EURDEP, 3 months) further down.  This first one, below, is from one of many of France’s monitors, which if they were dogs (the muzzled & leashed kind, surrounding the Golfech Nuclear Power Plant on the Garonne River, upstream from Toulouse), they would surely get a nuclear cookie for wagging their tails across the data we’re not supposed to see.  Nice baseline shifts too.

I picked one, “GF0KRS922MA_82_SIT_GM_France), 3 months at a time, starting on Sept 1, 2015 and showing till today (at end, furthers down), June 1: 2017:

–> Related?  In Jan. 11-18, 2016, Ruthernium-103 was detected in Norway.

Related?  The highest European concentration of Tellurium-132 was detected in Germany on Jan. 26, 2016.  And between May 4-13, 2016, there were two separate detections of Cobalt-60 in Norway

–> Related?  There was a Cesium-137 uptick at Harku, Estonia in the Sept 18-25 week.   Just before, just after Sept. 11, there was a spike with zero-values @ Shoeburyness, UK, see (Feb 28, 2017) Snippets from data land, etc. (Also note the shift in the above graph around Nov. 6 – just weeks before was the “INES-1” incident at Halden, Norway.)

–> Related?  the data gap of over a month started here at the end of January, as Iodine-131 was detected across Europe (that mystery leak that actually made the news, and was ‘suspected’ to be from a pharmaceutical leak, although no source was ever identified…)

–> Related?  Here’s some of the latest detections (same past 3 months, just as the above T-Gamma graph) of T-BETA-ART and T-ALFA-ART  (beta & alpha radiation emitters of artificial origin) in The Netherlands and Northern Italy:

See the uptick of both T-ALFA-ART and T-BETA-ART  this past week.  Take it as a clue that these upticks, from Norway to Belgium to Turkey were probably not all due to some mysteriously near-simultaneous “natural radon progeny rain-outs”, as well-credentialed nuclear mouthpieces tend to explain these little upticks.  A few examples:

In the US, Radnet came back online; didn’t bother digging into it; below just a few: same as last time after an “outage”: some data is filled in, some remains data-gapped, and some show irregulatities;  Drop me a line if you spot noteworthy weirdness, so I can entertain the folks at the NRC with my wonderings and ponderings…




That’s it for snippets from data land.

——- —— ——-

In other news…

” Yay Trump!  CHANGE!  ;-) ”  [sarc.]

  • Democracy Now! news, May 31, 2017:


Now allow me to chop a quite possible PsyOp…

Sorry man, but… what freak’n bunch of hypocrites…  This Kathy Griffin “image of the week” COULD have been part of a powerful (and perhaps even funny if done right) piece of strong biting satirical political critique…

… IF ONLY she had brought it as, for instance, part of highlighting that “Mr. Anti-ISIS” just sold 350 BILLION USD worth of weaponry to the country which government resembles ISIS more than any other...

Fitting sound track?

OMG!  “Everyone shocked.”    Forget about Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war crimes in Yemen.  Certainly DO NOT bring up Madeleine Albright who literally stated that she thought killing half a million Iraqi kids was “worth it”.

Got it?  AS IF we’re now living in some sort of Saudi Arabia ourselves… Support the president, ALWAYS, like any good patriot would, right?  How about this one:

… unless, of course, your mom doesn’t like the president… of another country… and then… even if it’s neither a mock photo nor satire… then it is thís funny?

According to UNICEF, 1.4 million Yemeni children are at risk of starvation.

How did that happen?  Here’s an Op-Ed blip from RT, (March 14, 2017)

“[…] Genocide is taking place in Yemen at the hands of a coalition of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia, supported by the US and the UK, while the world is deaf to the screams and misery of Yemeni children. […]”

But nevermind all that…:

And your 11 year old is just fine with having his peers slaughtered by the tens of thousands in another country?

Fired by CNN…  The Secret Service at her door?  Ms. griffin even apologized.  Bizarre.  The WHOLE backlash was 100% predictable.  So much, in fact, that one’s got to wonder if this was all PLANNED.  All these pundits – oh-so-shocked- talking ad nauseum about some stupid piece of bloody art, and NOT about… hm… “I’m drawing a blank”…

…What else could there be to talk about?

How about what Human Rights Watch had to say only one week earlier?

[echo: “… deeply troublesome message…”  “… deeply troublesome message…” ]

“♫….Looking over my shoulder
This is really new to me
Try to picture what’s coming
Maybe I don’t want this to be…♫

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One Response to “…Got Something to Hide? Why?…” (Music Videos, Trump News & EURDEP, various, incl. France, 21 months, & new T-BETA-ART spike)

  1. whatwhat says:

    A lot of news items and even historical events are psy ops.

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