US Turns Off Radiation Monitors; Baseline Shift @ Hawaii & other Radnet graphs (US EPA Radnet, end May 2017)

May 28, 2017


North America goes fallout blind again…  According to the NETC (@ ), Practically ALL Radnet radiation monitors are currently TURNED OFF.  When data flow is restored, as is expected, many stations will likely be filled in with ‘the missing data’, or, also common, the missing period will simply turn into a (often permanent) ‘data gap’ (the straight lines in the long graphs further below)…

NETC_SUndayMay28_2017_4pm_MT copy

Major “baseline shift” (upward) following a data gap @ Honollulu, Hawaii in this total gamma graph (Note: the EPA went logarithmic on the y-axis).  Note the shift after the May 15-18 data gap:


A look at the specific Gamma Ranges shows this is mainly due to Gamma Range 2, 3, 4 and 9 upward, and Gamma Range 5 downward.  Most striking shift is in Gamma ranges 2 & 3 which also shown an apparent data processing shift (less daily shifting, more “data compression”, possibly due to the logarithmic scale, which thus manages to make major spikes look less unusual:

cewolf;jsessionid=43AB1310A8AC83DE819852019DCA2D9E-1 copy

cewolf;jsessionid=43AB1310A8AC83DE819852019DCA2D9E copy copy.jpg

Back to RADNET – I haven’t looked at all of them, but, shown below, are some more US EPA Radnet 4-month Gamma-Total graphs, some of which show ‘peculiar’ recent changes; in no particular order:


–> ENEnews/Nuclear_Hotseat folks managed to spin a story about Hanford, WA (USA) releasing a major radioactive cloud out of a tunnel collapse out of that thin spike on May 9th, completely missing (or obscuring) the fact that it was a véry widespread phenomenon, as well as the fact that “hints of where it might be coming from” were picked up all the way in Europe just days later…  including widespread upticks and data gaps there as well. (See past 4 blog posts for additional insights and data.)

Clearly there is something “the authorities” do not want the public to become aware of…:



Note:  Night-time activity and unusual lighting at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear “5 worst cases” catastrophe site has some TepCam observers think there are fresh releases, screenshots of recent observations were posted @

Discussion @ Radlab @

For more on this angle, see my March 22, 2017 post, TEPCAMS

Screenshot-31 copy.jpg

“Downwinders, stay out of the rain!”

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