EURDEP, 3 months, various.

 Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – May 28. 2017

The original headlines included a few of intentionally bad taste, which confirmed that people click more on crap.  Many folks have suggested I should try for a more catchy angle, dramatize it, etc., such as Code’ @ ENENews.  The original “instruction” came with, “If this one worked for you, turn the volume up for the first 1 minute on the video, stare at the whale (in the video), and then please ONLY look at the first THREE graphs.”

Anyhow, the rest is still just data… documenting that latest mysterious radioactive cloud…

My #1 suspect remains troubles at Fukushima’s Cauldron of Hell, due to the presence of Cobalt-60 in the radioactive cloud(see previous posts), as well as widespread similar upticks in the US.  SOME monitors, however, show earlier shifts in Europe, leaving a possibility open that the source of this recent whiff is in Europe…

Take these 3, for instance:

DA0KRS911MA_45_SIT_GM_France_3mo_May28_2017 copy.jpg

Glenanne_UK_3mo_May28_2017 copy

Mersin_Bozyazi_Turkey_3mo_May28_2017 copy.jpg

The rest corresponds more with the spikes, etc. around or after May 14, albeit often with quite the run-up/onramp, similar as was seen during 2016’s major fallout waves from March through June then.

Brive_19_AGG_CP_France_3mo_May28_2017 copyLublin_Poland_3mo_May28_2017 copyLiepaja_Latvia_3mo_May28_2017 copyBiringen_Germany_3mo_May28_2017 copyWlodawa_Poland_3mo_May28_2017 copyAlmadraba_SPain_3mo_May28_2017 copyLutsk_Ukraine_3mo_May28_2017 copyRennes_35_AGG_CP_france_3mo_May28_2017 copyConskeagh_Ireland_3mo_May28_2017 copy

Mugla_Milas_Kemerkoy_TS_Turkey_3mo_May28_2017 copyLomnicky_STIT_Slovakia_3mo_May28_2017 copySanok_Poland_3mo_May28_2017 copyVernantes_49_AGG_CP_France_3mo_May29_2017 copySaarburg_Germany_3mo_May28_2017 copyCorkAirport_3mo_May28_2017 copyFahy_Boncourt+SMN_CH_3mo_May28_2017 copyErnage_Belgium_3mo_May28_2017 copySTe_Clotilde_LaReunion_974_AG_CP_France_3mo_May28_2017 copyBitola_Macedonia_3mo_May28_2017 copyCiney_Belgium_3mo_May28_2017 copyPtolomais_Greece_3mo_May28_2017 copyGurteen_Ireland_3mo_May28_2017 copyCoolGreany_Ireland_3mo_May28_2017 copyArgent_Sur_Sauldre_18_AGG_CP_FRANCE_3mo_May28_2017 copyBragin)Belarus_3mo_May28_2017 copyLomniscky_STIT_Slovakia_3mo_May28_2017 copyDoisch_Belgium_3mo_May28_2017 copyLuga_Spain_3mo_May28_2017 copyShannonAirport_Eire_3mo_May28_2017 copyCayenne_Guyane973_AGG_CP_FRANCE_3mo_May28_2017 copyAnkaraCankaya_Turkey_3mo_May28_2017 copyCasement_Ireland_3mo_May28_2017 copy

Repeat after your masters: “ALL IS WELL…”

To be continues… [Likely]

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9 Responses to EURDEP, 3 months, various.

  1. Paveway IV says:

    Well, I guess I can’t post this one on Twitter! I need a more work-safe title here, Michael! Wondering if this comment will even get through. They haven’t been for months – no idea why.

  2. Karyn Peto says:

    Apocalypse is scary, ignorance is bliss. As a mother of 4 in California, realization of the truth brought about great psychological distress. Since the reality is that there isn’t a darn thing i can do about it. Theres a lot of beauty and joy in this world still, that IS allegedly apparent. In the end, the happier one wins.

  3. pure water says:

    There are a lot of things to do when you know the danger. Especially for a mother, or a mother to be. The ignorance about x-rays during pregnancy has produced tremendous suffering.
    It`s better to know and do your best. Knowing and doing nothing is really worse than ignorance, because stress goes into distress.

    • MVB says:

      Thanks, pure water and apologies for my sarcastic reply, karyn, — ignorance is only “blissful” until reality comes crashing in, as it happening for more and more people, way way too early in life. Brain cancers, child leukemia, colon cancer skyrocketing for millenials, heart disease, weird mental distress compounding an already taxing existence in this psycho-industrial madhouse.. You name it.

      Not only are there things you can do to at least reduce the risks that come with living in a world that “just happens” to have manmade radioactive fallout as part of the environment we happen to live in… Most of which are dietary, which might demand changing some unhelpful habits, etc. But even more importantly is never giving up. I refuse to buy into this ever-more-vocal insistence that we should just “focus only on the positive” and (insert dreamy new age voice here) “cause what you focus on grows…” on the one hand, and on the other some bizarre form of “acceptance” and “surrender” … to what ultimately boils down to some notion of being powerless in the face of SUCH deception and disrespect for Life. AS IF looking the other way is going to take care of the ever more leaking and melting-down and blowing up nuclear fiascos that they oh-so-never-saw-coming…

      This mess MUST be turned around. The nuclear industry must be stopped in its madness. It is not optional.

      Don’t ask me how. I’m at a loss. I’ll stay in this completely uncomfortable place of not knowing until inspiration dawns.

      Wishing health and well-being to all of you!

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