Past Week Blog Stats: More Interest from Singapore and Hong Kong than from Japan?

Saturday May 27, 2017

NOT an important blog post, just thought I’d share…  You know I love looking at ‘blog traffic’, and one of the things I “love about that” is how there’s been this curious ‘theme’:  when I point at a possible nuclear incident somewhere, or even just very curious data from somewhere, blog traffic seems to briefly go down for that specific country.  Granted, I don’t get enough visitors (100+ a day – ish, mostly from the USA) to make meaningful statistical observations, but… it has struck me as weird the handful of times it appeared to be the case.

The first time that struck me as odd was when I discovered that the incident/accident “in the non-nuclear part of a reactor complex”, at the Zaporizhia NPP in the Ukraine did clearly, in complete contradiction to official statements, release a very significant radioactive cloud at the end of 2014.  After looking at my blog through proxies in various countries, to get an idea of what my blog actually looked like from those countries, I wrote (Dec. 4-16, 2014) “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !

So… Just noting that blog traffic from JAPAN was strangely low this past week.  Odd because I’m suspecting some extremely dire situation at the ongoing leaking/spewing Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe site. Through the years has been in my top 5 countries I get blog traffic from…   For example, take even just the week before (on the weekly views to not include the 20th: May 8 – May 14, showing the more-the-less normal distribution:

May 8, 2017 - May 14, 2017 copy.jpg

So, no additional interest from Japan in these Cobalt-60-containing radioactive clouds…, dropping out of the top 10?  And móre traffic from Hong Kong and Singapore?  Curious, I thought.

Shown below is my Blog Traffic for the past week, since posting (May 20, 2017) BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017):

and a few posts since.   Also, finding the DROP of interest from Japan a wee bit odd, I threw the link into the Teleport proxies site, which presumably has over 200 fast proxies in Japan, and the result for looking at that above link from Japan was… (Taiko drumroll)…

ERROR, with a blank page.

Hm…  Good to know it’s still véry safe to report on all things nuclear, ’cause if “the powers that be” don’t want it read, they can take care of that.

Yay for safe freedom of speech.  “:-)”

Most visitors came for the latest posts (‘Home page’), top viewed in past week:

posts_pages_1week copy

As you can see, TINY FRY I am in blog land.

Looks cool on a world map, though. ;-)   Interest in my blog posts of late came from the following countries this past week:

1weekAllegedlyApparent copy

(It’s a bit deceiving, however, because, for example, the entire Russian Federation is colored due to just one view coming through a Russian server, while the “European Union”, which has its own institutional servers isn’t on the map, with 3 views.  Not that amounts to anything, just pointing out the obvious…).  It was Japan, all the way @ #18 that I thought was odd.

Views per country, past week.

1 copy

2 copy

3 copy

4 copy

5 copy

And the beat goes on…


And so forth… copy


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6 Responses to Past Week Blog Stats: More Interest from Singapore and Hong Kong than from Japan?

  1. Marcel Leutenegger says:

    Dear Michaël,
    thanks for keeping up your blog. Looking at your stats and assuming a similar number of visits from other people, it seems that I am one of about a dozen people in Germany reading your blog. Tiny readership indeed, but not really surprising given the attention span of todays folks. It is all the more interesting that your blog appears to be censored from time to time. You must play a chord with some insiders. :P
    Best regards,

  2. MVB says:

    “The honor” of being labeled ‘subversive’ by an illegitimate anti-democratic criminal nuclear cabal… Surreal.

  3. MVB says:

    Try… I mean… Just TRY and “spread it”. I’ve used Twitter and other ways and it went ONE view further. I wish I was kidding. It would be difficult to make me think of our current media landscape as any bit more dystopian…

  4. Marcel Leutenegger says:

    As I am no fan/user of twitter, facebook and co., I should reopen my own blog. As it is still hosted by my former employer, I cannot update it anymore. Since I got a burn wound by radioactive fallout on March 19, 2011, I check any unexpected rain drop landing on my skin for radioactivity. Waiting for the personal proof of ongoing contamination…

  5. TK says:

    Keep your great work up, Michael…
    In agreement with Marcel regarding the censorship.
    Just adding my POV:
    If you collect, present, compare and analyze data (and gaps!)
    without receiving a paycheck for doing so, you automatically don’t follow a
    political agenda or “script”. (Since “money” is inherently a “political tool”!)
    This way your blog is closer to the truth and makes it valuable for the more
    intelligent part of “authorities” and “higher ups”.
    From a “systemic, interdisciplinary” POV:
    Every reasonably intelligent “boss” knows that data collection and representation
    is “fudged” and “euphemized” with every step up the “carrier ladder”, thus the gap
    between reality on the ground and what is “allowed through” and finally presented
    is wider the bigger the hierarchy is. So it is even in “elite interest” to get “other” unbiased
    data representations, as well. Thus censoring your blog, would be AGAINST the interest
    of getting a broader picture, which “boss” or “chief” in ANY given branch would omit
    additional data and information resources when the very job, being a “boss”, DEPENDS
    on having access to as many important data and information as possible to stay ahead of
    “carreer competition”?
    I think you get my drift here…

    To cite Michael Ruppert, from whom I heard that saying first:
    “The scouts’ knife is sharp on both edges, it cuts in both directions.”

    Greetings, Tom from “ger-money”.

  6. pure water says:

    Some observations:
    The last screenshot gives the normal view for comparison. It was pretty wet this night and there is a picture showing this. But rain is not supposed to glow and smoke. Everything started with thick fog covering the reactors and ended with evident fumes. I would like to know where and when the fallout will land.
    May be this time people from North America will not be able to see your blog, or somewhere else, who knows. Proxy servers are available everywhere and native language may define which one to chose a person in need of information.
    Thank you for what you do!
    For the down winders – stay out of the rain!

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