Mid-May 2017 Radiation Spikes had Nothing to do with Hanford.

[Note: Some details, re.SFP4 for instance, in the above video are questionable, see (Feb. 2016) Plume Gate and the NRC FOIA documents 5 Years Later)

Downwind from what’s upwind, Planet Earth May 24, 2017

It pretty much doesn’t matter how much time I put into documenting extremely unusual pieces of scientific evidence of “fallout events”, does it?  Even if I were to trace wind patterns or suggest possible sources of ongoing covered-up nuclear spewing disasters…  Audiences are tiny, dozens to hundreds at the most.  Blog traffic appears diverted.  And the few so-called alternative outlets that focus on nuclear news all too often appear part and parcel of a sophisticated multi-layered broad-spectrum ‘Controlled Opposition’, putting on very convincing (seeming) ‘distractions shows’, and all…  At least, that’s my impression, OPINION, if you will.

I’ll start off with a few more EURDEP 3-month graphs, and then compare the US EPA Radnet data from near Hanford with some other locations.

Just like I’ve focused briefly on the “Ninja Dots”, I could do a whole blog post on the ‘data compression’ phenomenon, another trick up the deceiver’s sleeves.  For example, @ Ilfov (Lacii Morii), Romania a nice example of apparent “data compression”: is seen around March 9 and April 9, 2017, below.  Also visible, of course, are the data gaps and what looks like two ‘baseline adjustments’….  Anyone’s guess what’s being hidden…

Same period, a few more 3-month composites from other locations:

This monitor at Ankara Cancaya, Turkey…:

… has shown some interesting events in the past:   September 2016:

Second half March 2016:

Onset December 2015:

Back to this month of May 2017…

I do not know how many nuclear accidents / incidents are compounding the radiological landscape by now, but one thing remains clear:  We’re essentially “on our own”.   Iodine-131 detected at ground levels all over Europe? “Perhaps a pharmaceutical leak in Eastern Europe?”, authorities ‘wonder…”. Yet when the largest European concentration of Tellurium-132 since 1986 was detected in Northern Germany on April 26, 2016?  Not a media outlet that inked a lie.  Complete silence.  5,000 blog views from Germany, and a couple emails that confirmed that the observed remained entirely unreported on, even in Germany.  Tellurium-132 detected in 1986, 2011, and TWICE in 2016?  Cobalt-60 detected in Northern European air samples 3 springs in a row?  (Finland May 2015 & Finland Oct. 2015, Norway May 2016, Finland May 2017)  The regional nuclear oversight agencies are clear on one thing: it didn’t come from them.  You would think some journalistic strongholds would start to raise some serious questions…  Little time goes by, and ‘information overload‘ has most of us forget about it.  Everything become a blur of various unknowns…  But it all happened.  And it came from somewhere.  Same with the recent fallout-isotopes-loaded radioactive cloud: Silence on the actual detections, and some (seeming) “diversion stories” at best…

The tabloidesque troll-infested news aggregator site ENENews showed two US EPA Radnet gamma graphs in an attempt to illustrate, or at least imply, that a significant radioactive cloud was released from the tunnel collapse on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation @ ENENews, May 18th, 2017 “ALERT: Officials warn of more collapses at US nuclear site — “High spikes” in radiation levels recorded — Expert: Plutonium could go airborne — Major concern over radioactive releases — Gov’t delays revealing data to public (VIDEOS)

The two graphs, for Richland and Ellensburg, Washington show clear spikes outside their usual variability range.  Now, ENEnews has done this another handful of times:  Right when apparent fallout signatures show up across much of the northern hemisphere, some mainstream outlets and/or major wire services launch one or more nuclear stories with a local angle.  Hanford, Nevada Test Site, Indian Point, St. Louis,…  All these locations’ troubles surely deserve more attention and funds, so more media attention is a good thing.  But… the use of radiation graphs to underscore the serious implied risk to the public of an alleged local leak raises suspicions for me.  (I know there’s medication to reduce my ability to be suspicious, but I find that approach suspect. -hehe)

In the gamma ranges, some show the upticks better than others.  Via the US EPA Radnet site (via Online Radiation Monitors –…–> https://cdxnode64.epa.gov/radnet-public/query.do I picked Gamma Range 3 and graphed from May 6 through May 22, 2017, with splatter plot, rather than the line setting, ’cause that way you can better see if a “spike” is more like an isolated high value (which I often call “glitch dots” if they’re super-high):

The tunnel collapse reportedly was on May 9, 2017 (see the ENENews piece above for links to news in the days and week after):

You could clearly see slight disturbances beginning around May 9th, and a significant spike between May 10 and May 12.   Surface winds were all over the place and shifting, which would diffuse a release signal and make it difficult to discern at long distances:

!-> Image plucked off (very good overview of the collapse and related very serious challenges and problems at Hanford): ZERO HEDGE, May 9, 2017:  “Serious Situation” After Tunnel Collapse At WA Nuclear Facility; Evacuation Ordered, No-Fly Zone In Place

!-> Also: I have visited the area (and its ‘Reactor B‘, studied its challenges and concluded, “These big underground double-walled (and already beginning to fail) storage tanks contain enough radioactivity to utterly ruin the entire Pacific Northwest, and all waste combined at the Hanford Site, if not dealt with properly and timely, has the potential to practically render all of North America uninhabitable.   The Hanford Site is among the most pressing challenges to be dealt with on this planet.” in (May 30, 2013) The Hanford Site, holding the Pacific Northwest at Nuclear Gunpoint

No one can make me make light of the challenges or the dangers at Hanford.  But trying to freak people out with massive radiation spikes AS IF it came from Hanford deserves to be exposed as bullshit if that part of the story doesn’t hold up.

WHERE ELSE the ‘radiation release’ could have come from might be far more scary, though…  (See my previous post, (May 20, 2017Tumble Down the Corium-Dug Rabbit Hole: Did the Radioactive Cloud that just Blew over Europe (containing COBALT-60, Ru-103, Nb-95, Cs-134, Cs-137, Na-22, etc.) originate at Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan? for one vein of wondering…)

The jet-stream fan-out (see nullschool data below), after it makes landfall is similar in those few days.  I picked May 10 @ 3:00 am local time for the wind patterns just a bit above surface @ 700 hPa via nullschool, with that bend in the Columbia river marked as a reference point, zoomed and turned so that the Pacific is visible:

https://earth.nullschool.net/#2017/05/10/0900Z/wind/isobaric/700hPa/orthographic=-147.16,44.17,500/loc=-119.428,46.092  screenshot of that:

When we look at jet stream delivery’, the wind patterns at that moment for at 250 hPa:  https://earth.nullschool.net/#2017/05/10/0900Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-147.16,44.17,500/loc=-119.428,46.092  annotated screenshot:

Alright, so ENENews may just have screwed up again by mixing two pieces of news into one: a tunnel collapse at Hanford and a radiation spike around the same time.

‘Cause if you just look at some other locations, such as a few examples shown below, and ask yourself if those spikes, data gaps and disturbances observed NOT just near Hanford were likely to have originated from ‘some release’ from Hanford… the answer is: obviously NOT:  They included near-simultaneous spikes far-away as well as at UPwind (from Hanford) locations.

Notice: Due to the EPA omittig data gaps when the data gap is at edge of a query period, the following two have a different x axis, making visual comparison with the other graphs less obvious:

Further east the upticks and spike much more closely resemble the timing for the onsets of this wave of spikes also seen in Europe, documentation of which I included in: (May 20, 2017) BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017)  If we’re talking about a radioactive cloud from the same source, this can only be explained by fast traveling higher-up winds…

And these no way you can explain the Alaskan upticks with Hanford either:


In short: the use of Radnet data showing spikes right after an alarm was declared at Hanford, pitched as likely due to releases from an old plutonium-containing tunnel at Hanford, just to add punch to a Hanford story was essentially bullshit.  At best, it was a pure coincidence and an oversight on the reporters.  At worst it was a deliberate diversion story.

Also, on-site at Hanford they maintain that there was no release into the air.    The response by Hanford’s emergency personnel makes me wonder if they noticed some alarming details in the radioactive cloud and acted as a precaution assuming that ‘somewhere on site’ might have been the source.   In the following days, the surveys noted nothing out of the ordinary for the site’s surface: http://www.hanford.gov/files.cfm/SamplingDataPurexTunnelMay192017.pdf

The final word on this collapse, May 22, 2017: “There was no spread of contamination” – SOURCE: http://www.hanford.gov/news.cfm/DOE/Tunnel_Cover.pdf

Does ANY news outlet care to wonder then WHERE those high and widespread spikes came from?   Apparently not… 

Freak’n Orwellian reality we’re in, my friends…

As documented in the past few posts, widespread gamma upticks, both in the US and Europe, corresponded (at the few monitoring sites in Europe that share this data) with artificial Beta emitters, ánd validated measurements of Niobium-95, Cobalt-60, Ruthenium-103 and Cesium-134, yet NOT ONE major news outlet delves into this mystery…    Perhaps the data pearls thrown to us-swine is all just a remnant, a left-over from a dying past, when genuinely aiming-for-democratic-control, free independent press & transparency weren’t hollow sloganeering…

Just blips of denial of the overarching control grid

[Much of the below, re the Schuman Resonance Frequencies, etc. has been DELETED]:  The part of this blogpost that in the title was called ”  Schumann Resonance Frequencies are not increasing either.  [Sigh…]” has been moved to a future blog post to go more in-depth into that separate topic.  – mvb May 27, 2017]

Image plucked off, SOURCE: https://andrewdhall.wordpress.com/


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  1. MVB says:

    Ps: I’m not the only one who has seen apparent blog access interference. For instance, see mention in: https://nuclear-news.net/2016/12/24/isis-and-nuclear-armageddon-exclusive-to-nuclear-news-net/

  2. stock says:

    Hey MVB, just because you are paranoid does not mean that the bastards aren’t out to get you
    stock out

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