BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017)

May20_2017 copy

May 20, 2017…

Nippy… – Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – May 20, 2017

Scroll down for the radiation data from Europe.

I hope that was the last bit of night frost for a very mild but dragging on winter…   Elevation 8200 ft. with hail, and fresh snow higher up yesterday:


Radiation Data:

The significance of Cesium-134, Niobium-95, Ruthenium-103 and Cobalt-60 (see validated Finnish data below, via EURDEP) is not in their (trace!) amounts, but that they’re detected at all, ánd together.  Taken together, a pharmaceutical or resource exploitation leak can be dismissed.  The including of Cobalt-60 as well as the strange absence of iodine-131 and relatively very insignificant uptick of Cesium-137/134 furthermore a regular or emergency ‘venting’ (of the Pressure Vessel, as is regularly done for inspections or re-fueling) can’t explain this either.

This came from either a majorly troubled nuclear reactor or a nuclear bomb test.

!-> Very strikingly, the radioisotopes mixture is a mixture that is véry similar to the mystery detections of May 2015, mentioned in June 6, 2015’s Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia, when the mixture also included Iodine-131 and Manganese-54, and was reported on by Finland’s STUK in late May 2015: @  After “asking the neighbors”, they later stated that they never figured out where it came from.  This time, there has been no press release (yet?), as of posting this.  Please drop me a comment if anything about this makes the news.

Though the amounts are truly the tiniest of traces, the fact that radioactive pollution of such a bizarre mixture cannot be traced to a source, at least not for public consumption, I do actually find ’cause for concern’ all by itself.

Here’s the most recent data:

  • Kotka, Finland: Cs-137 & Cs-134:

Kotka_FInland_Cs137_Cs134_1month_validated_w.table copy

Ruthenium-103 (with Cesium-137 again):

Kotka_FInland_Ru103_Cs137_3mo_May20_2017 copy

  • All these detections were ‘validated’ (“V”).  Here’s the details for Niobium-95 and Ruthenium-103:

Kotka_FInland_Nb95_Ru103_1month_validated_w.table copy

Cesium-134 & Cobalt-60, showing a striking ratio of more Co-60 than radioCesium (!):

Kotka_FInland_Cs134_Co60_1month_validated_w.table copy

!!!-> I have looked into the significance of Cobalt-60 as an extremely significant Fukushima-related artificial (neutron activation product) radioisotope in (Jan. 26, 2016)   Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?, suspiciously OMITTED from key academic literature (probably because of its implications…).

This is the 3rd spring in a row, each time in the period April-May, that both Cobalt-60 AND indicators of recent fission were detected (in 2015: with I-131, Zr-97, Ru-103, Nb-95; in 2016: preceded by Te-132; in 2017: with Ru-103, Nb-95), each time also accompanied with Cesium upticks and widespread disturbances.

Possibilities thus remain the same three I’ve brought up before:

  • Either… A clandestine secret media-hushed nuclear bomb test was conducted (by a NWO-media-aligned rogue nation, like Israel or Saudi Arabia (I would think that if Iran or North Korea did one, the news would be all over it).  But I would think that “someone would have noticed,” right?   Thus I consider this the least likely scenario of the three;  OR…
  • Somewhere there was a major incident involving a rupturing of an old Cobalt-60-rich RPV ([Reactor Pressure Vessel], such as those full of micro-cracks that my native Belgium gambles Europe on…).  (See 2014-2015’s posts Nuclear Power Company ELECTRABEL chooses to gamble… Belgium and surroundings and Reactor Vessel Steel with Micro-Cracks More Likely to Rupture During Reactor Shutdown.) The combination of some remnants of free press and academic curiosity remaining in pockets of Europe, plus the fact that the fallout signatures are widespread and seem jet-stream delivered, makes this one not so plausible either;  OR…
  • The situation at the Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophy site is far worse than they’re willing to admit, with flare-ups of ongoing fissioning underground (See Land of the Sinking Sun… and Debunking the ‘Impossibility’ of Ongoing Criticalities at Fukushima-Daiichi;…   The presence of C0-60 and fitting wind patterns suggests this is plausible;
  • (Added: Or, of course, a completely covered-up similarly extremely serious situation elsewhere “upwind from the jetstream funnel that occurs over the Japan region”, leaving options from India to Northern Russia and far beyond. Could even be in the Southern Hemisphere, who knows.)

Additional striking DATA:

  • Also noteworthy were minuscule (just above the LLD of 3 Bq/m^3) upticks of artificial Beta radiation and “enhanced natural” alpha emitters @ Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands

Biddingenhuizen_TheNetherlands_TbetaArt_TAlpfaNat_3mo_May20_2017 copy

As well as a significant spiking of artificial Beta in Northern Italy:

JRC_Station7_T-Beta-Art__T_Aplha_Art__3mo_May20_2017 copy

This shows that the radioactive cloud is apparently widespread, combined with wind patterns, reducing the chance that it came from a local/nearby Finish, Swedish or Russian source.

Some locations also picked up slight Be-7 upticks as well as some Sodium-22 (Natrium-22, or Na-22) around that time (centered around May 14, 2017):


At first my attetion was drawn to a cluster of ‘Standard Deviation’ in the French-speaking part of Belgium, which stood out on the European map for early May 19, 2017, but it turned out to correlate with a moving dip in the jet stream, combined with a rain-out that then progressed across Germany.  The disturbances are also picked up erratically and less pronounced across the British Isles, further suggesting that this latest radioactive whiff likely came from across the Atlantic…  (ADDED: indications that it also came from ACROSS THE PACIFIC can be found in (May 24, 2017) Mid-May 2017 Radiation Spikes had Nothing to do with Hanford.

StandardDeviationCluster_Wallonie_May19_2017_12noon_ETC_12hoursSetting copy

So, a quick look at jet stream, and just below, wind patterns for Southern Finland in the air sampling period May 17-19, 201 via Nullschool…,57.77,596/loc=26.900,60.500,57.77,596:loc=26.900,60.500 copy

-> This shows that detection in both The Netherlands and Italy make sense for a jet-stream-delivered whiff, as well as the rain-out across Belgium into Germany…  The sampling at Kotka, Finland also fits, as the jet stream’s curve moves north in the following days.  With air layers already mixing from their travel across land, it possible some of it reached ground-level, where the monitors are.,57.77,596/loc=26.900,60.500,57.77,596:loc=26.900,60.500 copy.jpg

North Pole view does show that in the preceding days, the jet stream blew straight over Fukushima, leaving that possibility open:,63.93,274/loc=26.900,60.500

Next are a sampling of various T-GAMMA monitors, showing 3 months at a time, in no particular order:

Kiev_Ukrain_FrenchMonitor_3mo_May20_2017 copySochtenau_Germany_3mo_May20_2017 copyLiberec_Letisti_CzechRepubli_3mo_May20_2017 copyLomnicky_STIT_Slovakia_3mo_May20_2017 copyMartelange_Belgium_3mo_May20_2017 copyDahlenburg_Germany_3mo_May20_2017 copySlavonski_Brod_14_Croatia_3mo_May20_2017 copyUkkel_Belgium_3mo_May20_2017 copyBiringen_Germany_3mo_May20_2017 copyMugla_Milas_Kemerkoy_TS_Turkey_3mo_May20_2017 copyOostende_Belgium_3mo_May20_2017 copyCherkessk_Russia_3mo_May20_2017 copyWeinheim_Germany_3mo_May20_2017 copyMayrhofen_Austria_3mo_May20_2017 copyGurteen_Ireland_3mo_May20_2017 copyRakican_Slovenia_3mo_May20_2017 copySorbiers_42_AG_CP_France_3mo_May20_2017 copyParis_SacreCoeur_France_3mo_May20_2017 copySauda_Greece_3mo_May20_2017 copyCanakkale_CAN_TS_Turkey_3mo_May20_2017 copyVinje_Norway_3mo_May20_2017 copyAmsterdam_Nederland_3mo_May20_2017 copyBitola_Macedonia_3mo_May20_2017 copyBreisach_Germany_3mo_May20_2017 copyCeresole_Reale_Italy_3mo_May20_2017 copySaintLeger_Belgium_3mo_May20_2017 copyTihange_Belgium_3mo_May20_2017 copyJaca_Spain_3mo_May20_2017 copy

Voila.  At least this latest radioactive cloud is hereby somewhat ‘documented’.  Drop me a comment when ‘experts’ come up with a funny story to explain it away again…  Can’t wait! ;-)

PS:  The half-life, by beta decay, of Niobium-95 is only 35 days, suggesting a very recently ACTIVE source (recent fission), to still be detectable. Ruthenium-103’s half-life is also only 39 days.

——– ——– ——–

Rolling back into the San Luis Valley over Wolf Pass last Monday:


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20 Responses to BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017)

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  2. PF says:

    Thank you for your dilligent work! It’s really interesting and frightening to see all the data present, accessible, and no one but a few “crazy guys” take notice. Sleeping sheep we are! What consoles me a bit, is that the human body can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse, *given the right nutrition* (see TC Campbell’s “China Study”). So that is my conclusion: Buy a Geiger Counter myself, monitor, and eat veggies ;). Best wishes, Lynxnoise

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    Agreed Lynxnoise, and thanks!

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