A Decade of English Ninjas Crawling through Wattisham’s Gamma Alleys…

Just picked a monitor and graphed about a decade of “gamma” data.  I say ” “gamma” “, because obviously the way the UK displays its data is game for some interesting ‘data processing hokus spokus’, such as the phenomenon I described in (May 2, 2017) The “Ninja Dot” – Reading Between The Lines: a EURDEP gamma graph detail

Further scrutiny of this peculiar “ninja dot” phenomenon, especially when looking at that little bit of radioisotope-specific data that is available to the non-credentialed amateur public, such as from Scandinavian monitors especially, leaves me with the impression that ninja dots indeed indicate some kind of abnormal fallout condition.

The sneaky part, well done by those who designed this fallout-obscuring data display, is that ‘ninja dots’ do not show up on ‘Maximum Setting’, nor ‘Standard Deviation’ and won’t affect averages either, making it surreal-time-consuming to even find ’em.   If radiation data used for statistical analysis is processed similarly, you’ll never be able to correlate fallout with likely related illness clusters, as fallout conditions are concealed in the very way the data is presented.   Clever bunch they are… ;-/

Here’s Wattisham, UK, as shown on the EURDEP T-Gamma map, graphed for 1 month at a time, 3 months per line strung together, and annotated with easily ignorable narrative of my own ponderings….    Data gaps are marked with a red square, ninja dots with a magenta one, obvious baseline shifts with a blue line and glitch dots below 90 nSv/hr or above 180 nSv/hr are circled.

  • Wattisham, England (UK), almost a decade:

Starting out on Nov. 18, 2007:

1_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2008 copy2_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2008 copy

y-axis adjusted to 300 nSv/hr to show the July 2008 record spike and left at that for the rest of the graphs:

3_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2008 copy4_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2008 copy5_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2009 copy6_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2009 copy

Major ‘ninja dot’ cluster in late October 2009, with lots of data gaps and another baseline shift in 2010 perhaps being related:

8_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2009 copy9_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2010 copy10_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2010 copy11_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2010 copy12_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2010 copy13_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2011 copy

–> Times are somewhat different compared to the disturbances, data gaps and spikes seen @ Achtopol, Bulgaria (EURDEP, 12 years graphed) and @ Rambling Along a Decade of Gamma Radiation Data from Lamia, Greece, and other long-term graphs I’ve pasted together, but what can be said for all of ’em is that clearly major radiological disturbances are not something that developed after 2011.  It seems highly likely (to me, from data impressions) that several major nuclear incidents/accidents were successfully covered-up before.

Some of those major releases might have blown in from outside of Europe, from the US or even further upwind.  The report from UCLA: “California Thyroid Cancer Incidence Well Above National Average”, in which I initially jumped the gun on by stating “FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT the most obvious cause!” (because none of the newscasters pointed out that study concerned an uptick that began long before 2011… The study period was 1999-2008),  suggests the high likelihood of a major nuclear accident in California pre-2009, for instance.   Other clues hint at a Chinese Meltdown at Daya Bay NPP in May 2010.

The way the industry has lacked independent oversight since its inception in the 1940s, and remains interwoven with national security related military secrecy policies, in all likelihood, we’ll be left with our own best guesses and suspicions on the one hand and official reassurances and denial on the other.  The way the Fukushima disaster was handled right from the beginning, and still, tells me nothing has fundamentally changed.

(I think they’re leaving these data bread crumbs to get entertained by people like me…)

Anyhow, I marked the onset of the Fukushima-Daiichi triple-meltdown nuclear catastrophe with the green arrow.  As is the case for most monitors in Europe, little minor gamma blips can be seen within 48 hours, but it takes many months before the bulk reaches ground monitors.   A few years in, it is uncertain how many other sources are making the crossing of signals too complex to say anything sensible about aspects of the shown, but I’ll point out a few that I found interesting:

14_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2011 copy

–> a ninja dot right at the onset of a baseline shift.  I interpret that as specific decay energies associated with fallout triggered a data processing shift to better hide fallout patterns.

15_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2011 copy16_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2011 copy17_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2012 copy18_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2012 copy 219_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2012 copy20_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2012 copy21_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2013 copy22_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2013 copy23_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2013 copy24_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2013 copy25_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2014 copy26_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2014 copy27_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2014 copy28_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2014 copy29_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2015 copy30_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2015 copy31_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2015 copy

–> During the sampling period May 22-25, 2015, véry close to the timing of that ninja dot here at Wattisham, a bizarre mixture of artificial radioisotopes was measured @ Rovaniemi, Finland, inlcuding Cs-134, Cs-137, I-131, Co-60 and Niobium-95.  Regarding the blogpost that documented that set of data, (June 6, 2015) Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia, it must be pointed out again that *The green LLD’s are NOT “detections”. Their signal did not stick out of the noise to be called a detection.*, but the other detections were validated, and admittedly never explained.

This adds to my impression that the “ninja dots” indeed signal unusual decay energies.

32_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2015 copy33_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2016 copy

(–> In mid-January, (air sampling period Jan. 11-18, 2016), the highest concentration since 2011 of Ruthenium-103, accompanied by a Cs-137 uptick, was detected in Southern Norway. Note the ninja dot at this spot right after… )

A very striking set of ninja dots, next graph below, correlates precisely with the timing of the Helsinki Cesium-137 spike.  To recap, at the onset of March 2016 major disturbances, spikes and data gaps where seen all over Europe.  In the midst of that, the story broke that at a monitor in Helsinki, Finland the highest concentration of Cesium-137 was measured since 1986 (when parts of Scandinavia received a significant amount of fallout from the USSR Chernobyl disaster in Northern Ukraine).  A few days later it was ‘discovered’ to be a very local issue: a nuclear waste package in their building’s garage had ruptured.  See (March 9, 2015) Helsinki Cesium-137 Mystery solved, But Greater Mystery of widespread Radiation upticks Remains… and several data posts before and after.   That Cesium peeked much further away, and even Iodine-131 data @ Nicosia, Cyprus showed an abnormality, and so forth, was not mentioned in any media outlet. End of story for the mainstream media.   This set of ninja dots fits with my suspicion that something far more serious occurred ‘somewhere…‘:

34_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2016 copy

–> Interesting also that there’s such a data point on March 21, fitting with another pondering of mine, touched upon in (April 29, 2017): Does Belgium play a key role in my “Data Thriller Series” of the Spring 2016 Radioactive Cloud that No Media Outlet Dared Touch Upon?

No ninja dot in the April 24 – May 1, 2016 period, however, likely because of the data gap…  The uptick/slight disturbance in May 2016 at this monitor is much more pronounced elsewhere, such as @ Herstmoncieux (further south). -> The drop-down-to-zero values with data gap seen @ Herstmoncieux correlate nicely with the Artificial BETA upticks seen across the North Sea in The Netherlands.

35_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Aug17_2016 copy

–> The spike after May 29th might be due to swirling fallout waves blowing around Europe in the aftermath of that major nuclear incident/accident/deterioration, particularly a whiff that included the strong gamma-emitter Cobalt-60, as suggested by two detections in Norway in the May 2-13 period.   Indicating that ‘whatever was going on’ was hemisphere-, if not planetary-wide, in significance, by the end of May, the US Radiation Monitoring Network Became “FALLOUT BLIND” (Beta monitoring turned off)… Outside the handful of readers of this blog, not a peep about it was to be heard…

36_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Nov17_2016 copy

–> The spike with ninja dots in the week Sept 11-18, 2016 correlates with many spikes during that time, including a striking Cs-137 uptick the next week @ Harku, Estonia.  (The end of this Cs137/I131 graph was meant to illustrate that the “iodine leak” from Halden, Norway wasn’t just Iodine. – See also April 12, 2017, It took the IAEA over 4 months to post this Halden Report (a Ramble MIX, with lots more EURDEP graphed radiation data) and related posts), but note the mid-Sept Cs-137 spike –  INSERT:

Harku_Estonia_Cs137_I131__3mo_Nov15_2016 copy

Wattisham, UK, continued:

37_Wattisham_UK_3mo_Feb17_2017 copy38_Wattisham_UK_3mo_May17_2017 copy

For what it’s worth…

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