Hovenweep National Monument, Anasazi Heritage, and back to Colorado…



May 14, 2017Some photos:


And so… this brief but so-needed journey  (See half dozen previous blog posts of this “mini” road trip around the Four Corners area of the US Southwest.) winded down…

From Cameron, Arizona I drove into the night, heading north-east, back into Navajo Nation lands…

Thought I spotted a hitch-hiker… Was is? And was that a young woman?  Thís late?   Anyone’s been around the rez, even for short periods, knows things can get rather ‘unpredictable’ well after dark…  After several miles feeling like a coward, I pushed the fears of picking up a complete stranger in the pitch-dark of the rez. away, with concerns for her/his(?) safety, and turned around.  Sure enough, she was still there:  quiet drunk, Navajo, and then apparently in disbelief that some random white dude from Europe was her safe ride home.  :-)  It felt good to do what so many people have done for me when I used to hitch-hike everywhere.

Eventually, I parked somewhere unknown-to-me, coyotes howling nearby in the moon light, and quickly fell asleep, exhausted.

I woke up to the surprise sight of Shiprock Mountain again, this time in the southern distance.   Not a bad place to wake up:

From there, I decided to swing by the ‘Canyon of the Ancients’ and its Hovenweep National Monument.  Some impressions:






Just before Durango, (or after depending on how you drive, I suppose), already back in Colorado, the beautifully built and nicely presented informative Anasazi Heritage Center near Dolores, CO;  With [Sleeping] Ute [Chief] Mountain in the back:


Couple impressions:




From a presentation, below, on how the ancient Pueblo natives likely headed south due to climate-change-induced severe drought.


But nevermind on that “hot topic”…


And eventually…

Rolling back into home-sweet-home lovely Colorado…



Hope the inspirations of this journey never seize to remind me…

— ————- —



— ————- —

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2 Responses to Hovenweep National Monument, Anasazi Heritage, and back to Colorado…

  1. Extraordinary, Michael. Thanks for posting all of this.

  2. MVB says:


    Since then my car died… Only “in walk & bike range” now… But when I’m back in car-land… perhaps a journey north to get to the 100% line of the Aug 21 solar eclipse appeals…

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