Grand Canyon

May 12, 2017 – Four Corners Region, American Southwest

With my heart warmed from an afternoon with traditional Hopi on the First Mesa (see yesterday’s post), I arrived at the Grand Canyon…

Pitched my tent in the dark, along some dirt road with what looked like free first-come-first-serve car camping spots relatively near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in a Ponderosa Pine forest of the Kaibab National Forest

Hearty breakfast in one of the lodges, beautifully decorated by Navajo rugs (much influenced by Turkish and Persian rug patterns through early 20th century trade):

Stunning landscapes… so vast, so deep, so far…

It had been since ‘my first trip outside of Europe’, over 2 decades ago, that I’d been here.   Back then, this was me -haha:

Doesn’t happen that easily, but hiking all the way down, having a swim in the frigid Colorado river, and hiking back up on the same day in a 110 Fahrenheit summer heatwave pushed me to heat exhaustion back then.  ;-D

Just hiking down from the Bright Angel trail head to the 3 mile rest spot made for an awesome hiking day.   Running into people on the way up, a small group of young outspokenly inspired Baptist university students/recent graduates from Texas, só full of genuine devotion, gratitude and benevolence, whom I had met on the way down, made for fantastic company, conversation and final-push support on the way back up.  Bit out of practice, I definitely reached my hiking limit for that day… ;-)

And back east-ward by the end of the day…  Little Colorado river:

Grateful for another fantastic day in a most amazing region…

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