From Southern Colorado to Eastern Arizona…

May 10, 2017 Photos

Starting out with a few from earlier in the week, zoomed-in from my upstairs art-studio in Southern Colorado:


Just before leaving gorgeous Conejos County in Southern Colorado and entering New Mexico through thunderous rain and hail storms:


Didn’t expect to be driving through the snow entering New Mexico. Then again the pass goes over 10,000 feet…


On Hwy 64 West, when you have no clue what ‘Shiprock’ (in Northwestern New Mexico) actually looks like, the first sight of it on the horizon is a true ‘Whoa!’…


Couple other views later on:


Our prickly kin looking gorgeous after spring rains:   ;-)


Rolling into Arizona through damaged winding forest roads in the pouring rain reminded me of far-Northern California and Oregon:


Coming out of the mountains:


Last light:


The Full Moon setting over Chinle, Navajo Nation (Arizona) the following morning, as I crawl out of my car on May 11, 2017:


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