Beep Beep Beep (EURDEP, 3 months; US Radnet, 4 months)

May 7, 2017

Starting out with one of the much-better-than-Total-Gamma indicators of fallout: Artificial Beta and Alpha emitters (some of the below data is repeated from earlier blog posts):

  • Braakman, The Netherlands (the only country in the world with an actual network to monitor artificial beta and alpha emitters):

Notice, below, compared to above, how T-ALFA-NAT (natural alpha emitters, as found in Radon progeny) show correlations (showing evidence of being “enhanced natural” (meaning the specific decay energies picked up by the sensors correspond with naturally occurring radioisotopes, but can also be produced artificially and as such be part of a radioactive cloud).  The usefulness of gamma monitors appears dependent on what they’re calibrated for. It seems most gamma monitors are just there to give the impression of a vast network (with 4200 monitors in Europe, it certainly is thát…, but most provide little useful data, and seem darn good at spitting out lower-than-average data in case of fallout, or just switch themselves off (“due to interference or monitor malfunction” would be the most likely official explain-it-away-ation.)

  • Braakman, The Netherlands,  T-Gamma & T-ALFA-NAT:

  • Wijnandsrade, The Nethderland, T-BETA-ART & T-ALFA-ART:

The rest in T-Gamma, 3 months.

  • Glenanne, “UK”:

Rosslare, Ireland:

  • Perimeter of the Tricaston NPP (Rhone Valley), Southern France:

Almost as colorful as Lamia – see (May 14, 2016) Rambling Along a Decade of Gamma Radiation Data from Lamia, Greece:

  • Limnos, Greece:

  • St. Athan, UK:

  • Rieti1, Italy:

Good example of lower-than average values found during the same time as spikes and data gaps elsewhere:

  • Vinca, Serbia:

  • Plaffeien, Switzerland:

Note: Some of the seemingly sudden upticks seen on northern monitors in spring is due to snow melt.  The snow shielded the “earth shine”.  If you graph for a few years in northern regions you can see the seasonable variability.

  • Padasjoki, Finland:

  • Kielce, Poland:

  • Usti Nad Orlici, Czech Republic:

  • Eervena U Libave, Czech Republic:

  • Hayredia, Bulgaria:

  • #25 Osijek, Croatia:

A random selection of US EPA Radnet Data plucked from their map of monitors  @



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2 Responses to Beep Beep Beep (EURDEP, 3 months; US Radnet, 4 months)

  1. Still waiting to see any evidence of mobilization of radionuclides from the Namie fires near Fukushima. Just the usual nothing sandwich from worthless EPA RadNET. You have to love how they switched to logarithmic charts that go up to 100K counts – like that’s ‘normal’. They’re all ready for the next big meltdown.

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