– Just for the Record – (EURDEP, 3 months La Belgique, Deutschland, Östenreich, Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland…)

April 29, 2017 – Colorado Rockies, 8200 feet altitude

Cold, windy & a sprinkling of snow on the ground…

Wx1_conus copy.jpg

Some sound tracks for the European radiation data further below…:


  • Monitor Location: BE35500 – BRAINE L’ALLEUD (Belgium)

Data Prior to (time of checking):  2017-04-29 16:00 UTC

Period: 2 days & 3 month composite:

BE35500 - BRAINE L'ALLEUD (Belgium)_2days copy

BraineLalleud_Belgium_3mo_April29_2017 copy

  • Monitor Location: BE35900 – LA HESTRE (Belgium)

Data Prior to (time of checking):  2017-04-29 16:00 UTC

Period: 2 days & 3 month composite:

BE35900 - LA HESTRE (Belgium)_2days copyLAHESTRE_Belgium_3mo_April29_2017 copy

  • Kielce, Poland, 3 months, and zoom-in on the isolated high value this week:

Kielce_Poland_3mo_April29_2017 copyKielce_Poland_2days_April29_2017 copy

The rest is just mainly 3 month graphs, with higher values inserted for as much detail as possible.  No further comments.

This is all ‘just for the record’, for the few that appreciate this bizarre hobby of mine…:

Kalajoki_Finland_3mo_April29_2017 copy

(I get tired of cut and pasting the dark gaps out of it, so…)

  • Iceland turned its network OFF (2 monitors that had returned at the onset of 2017) in the second week of April…:

Raufarhofn_Iceland_3mo_April29_2017 copyReykjavik_iceland_3mo_April29_2017 copy

  • a few more from “O dierbaar België”, o heilig land der vaad’ren, Onze ziel en ons hart zijn u gewijd…* :

Fleurus_Belgium_3mo_April29_2017 copyWesterlo_Belgium_3mo_April29_2017 copy

(* politicians & nuclear industry pushers & silent news makers exempted)
  • For what the zero-values at Bad Ischl, Austria used to look like just a week ago (a fallout pattern downwind from Belgium, with non-validated spike-values of +30,000 µSv/hr), see the previous posts:

BadIschl_Austria_3mo_April29_2017_afterDatashrub_ copy

  • Maly Javornik, Slovakia:

MalyJavornik_Slovakia_3mo_APril29_2017 copy

  • Lysa Hora, Czech Republic:

LysaHora_CzechRepublic_3mo_April29_2017 copy

  • Penhas Dourdas, Portugal:

PenhasDourdas_Portugal_3mo_April29_2017 copy

  • Monschau-Höfen, Germany:

MonschauHofen_Germany_3mo_April29_2017 copy

  • JRC Station 1, Italy:

JRC_Statio_1_Italy_3mo_April29_2017 copy

  • Algen/Ennstal, Austria:

Aigen_Ennstal_Austria_3mo_April29_2017_ copy

  • Storon, Sweden:

Storon_Sweden_3mo_April29_2017 copy

Alright, that’s enough again for this exercise in futility…

[Added after posting, hour later]

The next few were sent to me:

-4 copy

–> There’s been disturbances, upticks and data gaps in the Austria/Slovenia/Italy region (in gamma Standard Deviation setting on EURDEP’s “advanced map” – The basic map is basically even more bs, but that aside.)  My guess is that may be due to air-layer mixing over the Alps (big bump on the surface can do that, making it easier for higher-elevation particles to strike the surface).  Just a thought.

It’s very obvious that something major is being obscured this past week, as mystery suspected algorithms turn what are likely spikes into zero-values & data gaps.  Another couple examples (note the x- and y-axis details, not all the same):

-1 copy

“[…] all these JRC stations they’re now using ‘force to 1.00E-05’ as a ‘hide what we shouldn’t see’ method. […]”   – anonymous contributor.

-3 copy-2 copy

 For what it’s worth…

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