Does Belgium play a key role in my “Data Thriller Series” of the Spring 2016 Radioactive Cloud that No Media Outlet Dared Touch Upon?

“SPECULATIVE WONDERING-OUT-LOUD”  — [Edited on May 2, 2017]

In no way am I accusing anyone of anything, though if there’s truth to my hypothesis, some high-up officials across Europe would certainly deserve to be arrested.  That there is an actual cover-up became obvious the more evidence I found of a serious nuclear accident in Spring 2016.   Nothing about that (suspected major radioactive cloud) made the news.  NOTHING.

If you browse through the past 14+ months of my nuclear blog posts, you’ll see that the peaking of gamma emitters coincided with an extremely rare and relatively high Te-132 detection at the end of April in Germany, and with various other signs in the following months.  From scrutinizing the post-Fukushima data, as well as European releases (such as recently from Halden, Norway (officially downplayed) & Fleurus, Belgium (officially nothing happened) and the Chernobyl Forest Fires (officially downplayed) & the mystery incident/accident @ Zaporizhia (ZNPP), Ukraine (officially no radioactive cloud escaped), etc.), I’ve learned that, unless the containment blows up (such as @ Chernobyl & Fukushima), what shows up on gamma monitors is initially limited to the immediate area around the plant, leaving only mere disturbances (which dose-wise can’t be differentiated from natural variability) and isolated high values (“glitch dots” as I’ve called those), with much more obvious signs of fallout tending to take 3-6 weeks before becoming obvious.  Hence, given the peak timing of April 26, 2016, whatever happened at a mystery location is most likely to have occurred in the period mid-March to mid-April 2016.

Couple examples:




SOMEWHERE a masterful cover-up was pulled off, so far successfully.   Where, I don’t know, but my suspicion has drifted towards Belgium…

WHAT IF… the Brussels Bombings on March 22, 2016 were a sophisticated diversion to cover-up a major nuclear accident in Belgium, resulting in

1) Evacuation of its nuclear power plants with personnel reduced to essential emergency core only;

2) Militarization of security near nuclear infrastructure;

3) Divert air traffic, close airport; and

4) Keep people indoors;

Not only did all of this happen on the day of the Brussels Bombing, but… That’s EXACTLY what you would do in case of a nuclear accident!  It would be more easily dismissed if it weren’t for the very odd ‘coincidence’, that the following ALSO happened on many radiation monitors during the March 21-23, 2016 period (but not mentioned anywhere outside this blog that I know of, either):

5) Turn monitors off right near nuclear power plants and (likely automated) omit suspicious data (leaving data gaps or lower-than-average, including zero-values) elsewhere…

Example from Sept 9, 2016: Odd Data Gaps in the Belgian Radiation Data on the Day of the Brussels Bombings (March 22, 2016) showing 4 days from 2 x 2 days pasted together, annotations added. Note the zero value at the end of a data gap in one, and the uptick followed by a data gap in the other. The blue lines are 7:58 am and 9:11 am, the time of the metro and airport bombings on March 22, 2016:


To make matters worse…

6) Signs of nuclear fallout on monitors downwind.  Yes, it also just so happened to be the case that “downwind Belgium”, data gaps and typical-for-artificial-fallout lower-than-average values were visible on some monitors… Example:

So… What if? 

What if Doel NPP, or Tihange NPP(or SCK, Mol or NTP-Europe, Fleurus for that matter; OR SOMEWHERE ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY but with a massive radiation cloud heading to Brussels then…) were actually the source, delivering, with typical delay, the fallout patterns all over Europe in the following months (late April, May & June especially) ?  

!!!!-> See We’ve Been Dosed… (from which I repeated the above graphs) and Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning! and ( !-> )the many other posts linked from there), referred to on this blog as (possibly mis-named)the April Event” or (likely better) “the Spring 2016 Event“, documented here like nowhere else?

In 2016 (and before), I primarily looked at the possibility of ‘ongoing fission’ and ‘ongoing major releases’ from Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan.  It has been my often-admitted “confirmation bias”.  After all, ‘jet stream delivery’ makes Fukushima-Daiichi *one of the possibilities*.

But… the mystery of the spring 2016 fallout events has never been solved.  WHERE DID WHAT EXACTLY HAPPEN?  AND WHY THE COVER-UP?   It must have affected too many people for them to act the way they did…

So: Until what was covered up is duly exposed, nothing “too far fetched” can be excluded from the possibilities.

The late march disturbances could be a separate event from the late April 2016 event.  Major leaks are being hushed all the time, that much has become clear.  Among its most striking features was the validated Telurium-132 detection in Northern Germany on April 26, 2016, 10,000% higher than any Te-132 detection in Europe after Fukushima in spring 2011.


No European news media reported on it.  NONE.

Two days later, Yahoo News headlined, April 28, 2016, “‘All Belgians to get iodine pills’ in case of nuclear accident” […] The move comes as Belgium faces growing pressure from neighbouring Germany to shutter two ageing nuclear power plants near their border due to concerns over their safety. […]”


Did the gamble go wrong? 

Did the pressure vessel crack?  

If it was a pressure-vessel rupture with additional complications could that explain the Cobalt-60 detected (May 23, 2016: Cobalt-60 Detected in Southern Norway (2 Locations, May 2016!)) that were part of the fallout cloud the following months?  A nuclear bomb test, ongoing major issues at Fukushima-Daiichi… or somethin with an old -Co-60-rich RPV gone wrong perhaps.  Not many other options, as it was obviously not a mere “pharmaceutical dump”, given it coincided with other upticks as well, including Cs-137.

Did they only manage to keep the worst-case scenario at bay for another month, after which a large radioactive cloud, including tell-take signs of recent fission (Te-132) and activation products (Co-60) spread across Europe and beyond? 

What if European governments were faced with the (kept secret, as would not be surprising in such a case) insurmountable prospect of evacuating millions of people, the displacements, the panic, and all this in the midst of economic troubles, adding to that the de facto ruin of a key part of Western Europe’s industrial motor (through the harbor of Antwerp and into Western Germany)?  (“Not an option”, right?)  What options did they have to keep harm to a minimum?  Blow up some known terrorist suspects as assets in a scheme so sinister no one will consider it?  

Just wondering…

Most recent (not per se related):

!-> Many other posts, including Belgian radiation data, see throughout my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

——– ——— ——— ——– ———-

My “last word on the mystery” remains the same: I don’t know what happened where.  But I am convinced something MAJOR occurred, and it has been covered-up. Jet stream delivery remains possible, though.  It still could have been from the United States, or all the way from Fukushima-Daiichi.   The high Te-132 levels may suggest it was more likely in in Europe, though.  But where?  

Was it the Cesium-137 spike in Helsinki related, or were those two seperate sources?   Look at this data gap and spike at the Visaginas NPP in Lithuania, for instance… 

ChartImg-20.axd copy.jpg

There ARE various other possibilities, and the timing of the Brussels 3/22 Bombings and all the unprecedented measures taken as part of “Terror Threat Level 4” COULD very well have been exactly what authorities claimed they were for.  That they’re actually not lying at all remains a possibility too.  (Except that obviously they’re lying through omission: By not reporting on a nuclear accident, which clearly happened, [and they, “authorities”. as members of he CTBTO, etc., would be privy to], they’re claiming there was none.)

But some of the details surrounding those bombings are weird in and of themselves.

(Besides some of the stuff I mentioned in (Oct 26, 2016) A Mix of Fact & Fiction: EURDEP graphed radiation data, Daesh, the Brussels Bombings, LDH, ETC.,: From earlier this week: Two alleged jihadists arrested in Barcelona admit being at Brussels airport during attack, a detail not included in the New York Times version of the jihadis arrested in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain news. They claimed no involvement.  Odd, right?   Anyhow…)

In any case, as far as the unreported nuclear accident goes, somebody is obviously lying through omission.  Clearly something happened. Somewhere.  Could be more than one place.  But it’s being kept under wraps.  That much still stands.

It is borderline absurd how much of my own time I’ve put into trying to figure out the mystery source of those radioactive clouds.  But they came from somewhere.  Those radioisotopes do not even exist naturally (certainly not in the atmosphere in measurable quantities).   Those monitors reacted to something they’re programmed to turn themselves off for… hence all the data gaps.

Know what actually happened?  Got some “hacked” secret emergency documents you’d like leaked / published?   I’m all ears.


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