Austria Waves Its Magic Wand… : Evidence of Belgian Radioactive Cloud vanishes from EURDEP: “Nothing Happened at NTP-Europe in Fleurus, Belgium”

ATTN:   FANC (the Belgian supposedly independent oversight agency, “Federal Agency for Nuclear Control“, whom I’m jokingly giving the middle finger, because they deserve it;)   & Dimitri Wega

This is just an addition to yesterday’s musings…

The data for Bad Ischl, Austria, included in the previously-shared composite, was altered so dramatically that I decided to give this suspected “this-never-happened radioactive cloud” incident/accident @ Fleurus, Belgium another post.

Before and after the data cleanse:

BadIschl_Austria_beforeAndAfterDataPurge copy

Good job, nuclear watchdogs.  [Sarc.]   Too bad I took that screenshot last week, eh?  (hehe: BUSTED! again)

I suppose that perhaps “slightly too obvious” fallout pattern, with its peak value of over 30,000 µSv/hr, just “had to” be altered for comfort’s sake, eh?    It could not be left merely ‘unvalidated’.  It just had to be reduced to ZERO.

Anything in the news about what happened?   Nope… Like nothing happened.  I suppose I live in my own nerdy universe, noting stuff no one cares about.  “Oh well”  ;-(

Now, I know my blog only gets 3-4 views from Belgium per day on average, but isn’t it odd that yesterday’s post was viewed 3 times in a mere few minutes (possibly by a fellow researcher from Belgium after I mentioned it on ENEnews, but not again since.  No views today, for instance, and it’s almost 11 pm here…)  The “theme” continues:

BlogTraffic_April28_2017 copy

April 28, 2017:  Some interest from people in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, etc. … but no interest from South Africa, France, Austria…  or Belgium for that matter…?  Odd.

Interestingly, and fitting with my #1 suspicion for this unreported leak: Bad Ischl, Austia was perfectly downwind from the massive radioactive leak that I suspect originated @ Fleurus, Belgium:

Wind pattern right at time of original spiking data:,50.81,1252/loc=13.600,47.700

annotated screenshot:,50.81,1252:loc=13.600,47.700 copy.jpg

You can call it ‘coincidence’, but after reviewing various data cases and checking wind patterns, I’m more inclined to think that the South-African company NTP-Europe, a major radioisotope producer based in Fleurus, Belgium just outside of Charlerloi (see previous blog post, April 27, 2017, Fleurus Blows Belgian Kisses to Bless the Air… While its Overlords Suck up to the House of Saud…) released a MAJOR radioactive cloud…


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