FR2044 -BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM, (EURDEP, near Bordeaux, France, since end 2010)


It’s a monitor just north of Bordeaux, France, near that ugly nuclear waste production facility, Blayais NPP.  Beautiful region, though… visited there with my family way back in the 1980s.   Small lakes, rivers, small picturesque towns, great food, forested, medieval castles,…     I mentioned that set of monitors around Blayais in (June 27, 2015), What really happened at Blayais NPP near Bordeaux, France? Regional Radiation Monitors were turned off.

The reason I graphed this one was to see if the crazy spike seen the week of Oct. 23-30, 2016, right after Norway’s Halden “minor (INES-1) Iodine release” (see various previous as well as next blog post, I think…), was what I would call “highly unusual”.  (Yeah, it was…)

It appears this specific monitor started sharing data in early December 2010.:

There’s a very brief data gap and tiny upticks in the week following the beginning of the Fukushima-Daichi triple meltdown five-worst-case-scenarios nuclear catastrophe, which began on March 11, 2010:

And then, just like anywhere, it takes a few months for múch more fallout to reach the ground, by which time “authorities” have declared the situation has normalized, stop the extra monitoring to reduce the chance this is found out to be untrue, and we all went our merry way breathing in the stuff … that will severely negatively affect the health and longevity of hundreds of thousands of people in the decades ahead…:

ANd if you’re still wondering why mainstream media “kinda” went silent on the Fukushima mess at the end of 2013, when they had fooled most of us with a “Spent Fuel Pool # 4 offloading” hoax…, take the data gaps of 2013-2015 as a hint… perhaps:

BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM__45.2N_0.7W__France_3mo_April9_2015 copy 2

Nice example of an on and off ramp to an omitted spike centered around June 24, 2016:

This sudden rising values curve is ‘a beauty‘, and the ‘baseline adjustment’ that followed is obvious from looking at before and after the curve:


The data gaps, the baseline adjustments, the lower-than-average values,… all of it are part of my long-standing conclusion: the official monitoring networks are rigged to hide the data when it matters most.

Then… The onset of the Spring/April 2016 Event, whatever thát was…, came (for this monitor) as barely noticeable disturbances, followed by a ‘baseline adjustment’ (in the notorious mid-May to Mid-June 2016 period):

BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM__45.2N_0.7W__France_3mo_Oct9_2016 copy

Now… If this +400 mSv/hr gamma spike, followed by a data gap and another spike at the end of that data gap from Oct. 26 to Oct. 28, 2016, were the result of fallout swirling around Europe and hitting ground monitors (this one 2200 km to the south…) in erratic patterns…  then I would be inclined to call ‘bullshit’ on the IAEA’s INES-1 designation of this Norwegian incident, and suspect a far greater release than they’re willing to admit:

For what it’s worth…

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