Florida Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. Gives Heroine Dealers Notice Prior to Planned Busts?

From the department, “What to make of anything anymore these days…”


Interesting…  IF they  can truly pull off a real crackdown, both one that works, prevents violent retaliation against the public, and that is legally sound…  then I bet a lot of sheriff’s departments will want learn how that can be done…

Would be funnier as an SNL spoof, but supposedly the video’s legit.  See RT, April 10, 2017: ‘We’re coming for you’: Masked US deputies issue chilling warning to drug pushers (VIDEO)

If they have the legal road map for action, why not just do it.  Why the video?  As part of the PR campaign to make it look like you’re serious?     “Hey criminals, get a head start running, so we have less of a chance to catch you!”   Bizarre…

And what a different world.  Out here in rural Colorado, the Sheriff’s Department respects the US constitution.

If, say, you want a meth or heroine dealer busted, you can tell law enforcement all the details you know, they can hear from dozens of witnesses.   And then… that’s the word, then they will tell you that you haven’t told them anything they didn’t know yet, with a smile.  (And that is pretty much the “end of the story” here…)  Lake County Sheriff’s welcome “anonymous tips”?  What could they do with anonymous tips?   On a chatty day, our finest folks in uniform might even share about how many dealers they know, where they live, what they drive, and they repeat that, as law enforcement abiding by the US Constitution, that “their hands are bound:”   They won’t do a thing unless YOU, member of the public, sign YOUR NAME on an affidavit to ‘encourage’ the court to make them take action.  You pretty much have to be willing to throw yourself under the bus, without any guarantees that it will make a difference.

See also my long blog post, (Oct. 30, 2016),  US Heroin Epidemic Demands a Compassionate Sophisticated Response. US Rural Communities at Breaking Point…


Nevermind indeed…

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