Amay, Belgium; ETC. (EURDEP, 3 months & some snippets from its past)

  • There are many others that show irregularities in the past 10+ days, such as this monitor @ Bitola, Macedonia, 3 months:


Or these:

  • Camborne, UK, 3 months:


  • Talavera La Real, Spain, 3months:


  • and that very “phenomenon” of data gaps amidst spikes was also very apparent @ Amay, Belgium (close to Tihange NPP):


Last time the “likely indicator of fallout” zero value was reached here at Amay, at this specific monitor, it coincided with an apparent baseline adjustment and was followed by major data gaps.  That was “way back when in the pre-Fuku era”… in the aftermath of that mystery mega-nuclear disaster in 2010 (Baya Bay NPP, China???  Or earlier, in California???,  …?), which preceded the Fukushima catastrophe of spring 2011…


That you haven’t heard about that nuclear disaster would be normal.  It does truly look like most nuclear disasters are very effectively covered-up.  You can figure out something serious occurred, after the fact, and thus see that the authorities and their parotting media outlets are lying, but you pretty much have to “obsess” with scrutinizing that little data that is made available.   That much is clear from scrutinizing their claims of “no radioactive release” every time a “non-nuclear part” of an NPP goes up in smoke.

Surely no ‘expert / authority’ told you about all fallout events in summer 2015, either, or did they?  That’s when the highest spikes were observed at this location, spikes during data gaps of course not counted:


The Te-132 spike of April 26, 2016 is barely noticeable (and shows as a minor dip on many other monitors in fact), but the Co-60-contailing later tail end of this massive spring 2016 event surely showed up as slight upticks and disturbances here too:


A similar data gap was observed a few times after the Fuku gates of hell were opened, such as in late April 2011, just a few days before the US EPA declared that disaster (“hokus spokus”) OVER and quit additional air/rain/milk sampling and monitoring… The bastards KNEW what was coming…:


(That’s what you get for supplying Japan with MOX fuel, Belgium… – hehe)

Anyhow.  I’ll keep repeating it until we’re all dead:  Fallout from a major hot volatile release needs to be thought of in terms of multiple YEARS, not weeks or months.  The finest fallout may even circle high up in the stratosphere for over a decade, according to some sources.

  • For the OZD monitor in Hungary, it was the highest spike since the monitor was shut down for 2 months following the early December 2016 spike: (5 month composite with 2 y-axis):


On and on this will go… 

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