Zakopane, Poland: T-ALFA & T-BETA since Spring 2011

April 6, 2017

“Just for your entertainment…”


Y-axis kept the same for easy comparing, with a couple inserts to include spikes outside the range.  3 months per line, starting on Jan. 6, 2011.  Perhaps this T-ALFA (black) and T-BETA (blue) long-term record for Zakopane, Poland gives an idea of the sort of time-frame you need to think in when considering fallout events: you have to look at multiple years to grasp the situation.  The finest fallout takes many YEARS to come down. Some upticks show impact of Chernobyl wildfires, the Zaporizhia release and the recent Halden release, probably among many other covered-up and denied radioactive pollution events.  What’s from what is no longer possible to figure out, I think.  What were unusual upticks 6 years ago, barely stand out anymore 6 years later…




Take a deep breath. 

2014-2016 is behind us. 


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