Some EURDEPs, 6 months, mostly from near Halden (Sweden, Norway)

I wondered if I could trace that Greek “glitch dot” on Oct. 25, 2016 to the Halden leak


It’s not a straight-forward shot.   For spewing sources in the same region (globally speaking), I suppose… if the closer-to-the-surface radioactive clouds expanded in the low-wind area the days prior, such as @,54.76,510/loc=25.400,41.100  and as such then went upward from there to be taken south… then perhaps it could be traced…,54.76,510/loc=25.400,41.100


Had a look at some monitors in “the Halden region”… Will have to leave it at this…:


  • Kilsund, Norway, 6 months:


  • Vaxsjo, Sweden, 6 months:


  • Stavern, Norway, 6 months:


  • Olandssodraudde, Sweden, 6 months:


  • Lista, Norway, 6 months:


  • Hallum, Sweden, 6 months:


  • Göteborg, Sweden, 6 months:


You can see, there’s all kinds of ‘events’ observed in previous many blog posts that you can find bits and pieces on some of these as well.  I’ll just leave it at ‘no further comments‘.  (Just because.  Nice weather out. ;-)  )

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One Response to Some EURDEPs, 6 months, mostly from near Halden (Sweden, Norway)

  1. Steve Callaghan says:

    Our goose is cooked!

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